Dental Crowns vs. Dental Bridges Explained By The Dentists In Woodbridge

dental crowns vaughanThere are many advantages and disadvantages associated with both dental bridges and dental crowns in Vaughan. It is very important to understand the options available to you before making an informed decision. Dental bridges and dental crowns are types of dental procedures that replace missing teeth. Unlike a filling or denture, these solutions require extensive preparation work - tooth roots must be removed to create placeholders for the prosthesis. The end result is a set of teeth with gaps among them where the implantations happen. The Mackenzie Dental Centre assures that every patient receives the best quality care - we offer both implants and dental bridges in order to provide your mouth with full functionality. 

What Is A Dental Bridge

A dentist in Woodbridge might prescribe this treatment when there is room on adjacent teeth for support. The procedure involves the making of two opposing resin "bridge" portions which are inserted into void areas of your mouth allowing you to keep the natural appearance of your gum line and saving time and money from construction work. 

In rare cases bridges can fail due to hygienic factors such as ill fitting abutment teeth, so it's important that you cooperate with any instructions given. 

What Is A Dental Crown 

Dentists in Woodbridge provide many options for replacing missing teeth, one of which is dental crowns. Dental crowns in Vaughan are used to cover a tooth that has been damaged all the way to the root. In this case, even if a filling is placed over the damaged tooth, it would never be able to hold its place. A dental crown, on the other hand, is a tooth coloured cap that fits over the tooth completely protecting it from further damage. It also helps to restore a tooth's shape, size and strength. Although they provide an attractive and natural looking result, dental crowns can be uncomfortable at first. This is because the gum tissue needs time to grow around the crown to fit perfectly.

Ask About Dental Crowns In Vaughan

A dental crown is often preferred to a dental bridge. A crown (sometimes called an onlay or cap) is typically used when the teeth in the front of your mouth are missing, if you have already had a tooth-root filling because part of it broke off and died, if you are getting fillings placed near some roots that are still living but inactive; or for back teeth with large fillings in them. The dentist will use impressions made of your mouth to make a mold which will be shaped into either one continuous piece covering all the areas where there are missing teeth (called metal molding), individual pieces glued onto each hole overlying each root like individual caps collectively referred to as composite abutments), or customized for today’s technological advances using 3D scans done by computerized machine.

Now you know everything about the process of choosing between dental crowns and dental bridges. For more information on dental crowns in Vaughan, contact Mackenzie Dental Center

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