Benefits of Dental Bonding Services in Vaughan

When it comes to dental cosmetics, bonding is the easiest and least expensive procedure that’s available. Dental bonding provides excellent cosmetic results, and is commonly used to restore and improve the appearance of chipped, discolored, or damaged teeth. For superb dental bonding services in Vaughan, patients can confidently rely on the team and dentist in Woodbridge at the Mackenzie Dental Centre.

Benefits of Dental Bonding 

Probably the biggest benefit of dental bonding is the wide range of problems and issues that can be effectively treated. For bonding services in Vaughan, Dr. Lloyd Pedvis delivers great results.

  • repairing and restoring any decayed teeth
  • completely repairing chipped/cracked teeth
  • improving the look of badly discolored teeth
  • narrowing the spaces or gaps between teeth
  • cosmetically changing the shape of a tooth
  • protecting the exposed portions of a root

What to Expect from Your Dentist in Vaughan

When it comes to the actual treatment, Dr. Pedvis uses a specially formulated resin that is applied to the tooth’s surface. The resin can be custom-shaped as needed, and is hardened with exposure to a special light source. There are a number of benefits to using the dental bonding procedure:

  • the resin colours can be easily matched with natural teeth
  • the resin materials can be applied to chipped/broken teeth
  • the bonding can build up a tooth or fill a gap between teeth
  • resin materials can restore a broken tooth to original size

For those considering bonding services in Vaughan, it’s important to have the dentist assess if it’s the right procedure. At the Mackenzie Dental Centre, Dr. Pedvis will assess a patient’s need and suggest the best treatment going forward. Unlike other cosmetic options, dental bonding doesn’t need any outsourcing – the whole procedure can be completed at the clinic, and usually with one visit. When multiple teeth require restoration, more than one clinic visit might be required.

Dental bonding does not necessarily require anesthetic. A mild chemical is first applied to the tooth, in order to roughen the surface. This will allow the resin material to better adhere to the tooth. Since the resin has already been colour matched, it’s applied to the tooth, custom molded, and shaped. Ultraviolet light then hardens the resin for final shaping and polishing. At the Mackenzie Dental Centre, dental bonding services in Vaughan are available to young and old.

Dental bonding is resilient and hardwearing – but there may be a need for “touch ups” in future. Day to day, good oral maintenance is always a good idea - and that includes avoiding fingernail biting and refraining from chewing on pens, ice, or anything hard. In the event that a bonded tooth feels a strange to the bite, it’s always recommended to pay a “preventive” visit to the dentist. If additional work is required, it can be done on the spot, and if not, it’s “preventive”.

For excellent dental bonding services in Vaughan, patients in Woodbridge and Maple can rely on the Mackenzie Dental Centre. Dr. Pedvis also offers a full complement of dental health services - from check-ups, to cosmetics, to dental implants. To find out more, call the clinic at 905-417-8700 or contact us online.




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