Preventive Dentistry

preventative dentistry vaughanPreventive dentistry is all about properly caring for your teeth. It’s up to each of us as individuals, and in many cases, there’s reliance on a trusted dentist. The idea, of course, is to keep teeth and gums healthy and to avoid cavities, enamel wear, and gum disease. The basics are simple:  daily brushing and flossing; regular dental cleanings and clinic visits; and early diagnosis of the more serious issues. At the Mackenzie Dental Centre, prevention is key to optimum oral hygiene. 

For Dr. Lloyd Pedvis and the dentists in Vaughan, it’s important to provide patients with a comprehensive approach to preventive dental health. As such, the clinic offers a wide range of patient services – everything from regular dental exams, to special fluoride treatments, to periodontal hygiene therapy. More importantly, there’s really no substitute for oral hygiene that begins right at home. This includes daily brushing and flossing, and a serious commitment to healthy diet habits and lifestyle.

The Wand Computer Assisted Anesthesia

For patients, the Wand Anesthesia System is a more comfortable and less stressful anesthetic than using a conventional syringe. Patients who might otherwise feel stressed in the dentist’s office much prefer The Wand to the syringe. As well, numbness in surrounding areas is reduced, allowing a patient to return to work or home without the discomfort of a numb face.

Periowave™ - Gum disease treatment

Periowave™ is a painless, non-invasive treatment that has been shown to significantly reduce gum disease. Periowave™ uses a photodynamic disinfecting procedure to neutralize the harmful bacteria that causes gum disease. Each treatment (per tooth) requires only 60 seconds of laser activation – it’s quick and stress-free. Periowave™ is an adjunct to periodontal hygiene care.

Velscope - Oral cancer screening 

The Velscope is considered to be the leading technology for oral cancer screening. It’s supported by the Canadian Dental Association and is safely administered, without pain. The Velscope uses fluorescent technology to help identify tissue that may be cancerous or pre-cancerous. Lesions that can’t be detected by the naked eye can be isolated and identified by using the Velscope.

Digital X-Rays - For safety and comfort 

Visual inspection of the teeth is extremely restrictive. Over the years, X-Rays have allowed dental professionals to identify areas of tooth decay; find abnormalities between the teeth; and detect periodontal conditions. Today, Digital X-Rays are faster and sharper than conventional X-Rays. They emit less radiation, and with computer technology, the images are available immediately.


The SIRONA SIROLaser has proven itself in many dental applications:  herpetic lesions; root canals; periodontal treatments; and oral surgeries. Dental lasers allow for greater precision during a particular treatment, much less swelling right after treatment, and faster healing times. For gum surgery and periodontal treatments, recovery times are substantially reduced.

DIAGNOdent – Cavity Detection Aidcavity dentist vaughan

DIAGNOdent is new technology that helps the dentist to detect cavities. And since early detection is key to optimum oral health, DIAGNOdent is essential to ensure early discovery and treatment. DIAGNOdent can actually identify small, emerging cavities that may not be otherwise visible - it all makes for more accurate and precise diagnosis during the initial visit.

In keeping with a preventive approach to dentistry, Dr. Pedvis, dentist in Woodbridge, and his team encourage routine clinic visits, as well as regular professional cleaning. Early diagnosis is central to oral health care, especially with conditions like gum disease.  This is why the Mackenzie team provides such a comprehensive approach to preventive oral care. Not to forget – the best oral hygiene begins at home, with daily maintenance, a healthy diet, and a responsible lifestyle.




What Our Clients Are Saying

Thoroughly impressed from top to bottom. Beautiful facility, state of the art equipment, phenomenal dentist Dr. Lloyd Pedvis is indeed!! Beyond knowledgeable and best of all is his calming influence. He has such a down to earth approach, I just find it reassuring and just don't have the anxiety that I've had with past dental work. Just moved in Vaughan and thrilled with our families new dentist and dental clinic!

Josh Katz

Dr. Pedvis and his staff are absolutely wonderful! My family and I are so happy that we have found him. He is absolutely amazing with young children. Both my kids needed work done and he was very gentle and patient. Both of them left his office happy and with great smiles! We are very happy we switched to Dr. Pedvis in Woodbridge.

Holly D.

Our Family has gone to Dr. Pedvis for over 25 years in his previous location. You are all so lucky to have him and his team to look after you in Vaughan now. I am a very complicated dental patient due to healthcare issues… I knew I was always safe with Dr. Pedvis!  I will miss your great stories, and trying not to laugh, as you work on my dental issues. Most people do not get to laugh at "The Dentist". Your new office in Woodbridge looks awesome! 

Dorothy McMahon

I have been a patient of Dr. Pedvis for 13 yrs now. He is the greatest dentist I've ever had. He's extremely gentle, listens to your concerns and is compassionate. I once emailed the woodbridge dental office with a severe toothache when it was closed. Shortly after Dr. Pedvis contacted me with my concerns, he called in a prescription for me to get me out of pain. He then took me first thing in the morning and did a root canal. I highly recommend this dental office to anybody looking for a caring dentist. Also the staff is fantastic and they truly care about you as a person.

Kimberly Oppermann

I have seen many dentists prior to Dr. Pedvis, so I believe I have ample reference points to say that Dr. Pedvis is at the top of his field. He keeps up to date with developments in the field, invests in the latest equipment for his office and is able to handle a wide variety of procedures, from simple to complex. He also maintains an equally top level network of professionals to add to his service capabilities if needed.

Christopher Omiecinski

I am pleased to share my experience I had at the office of Dr. Lloyd Pedvis. From the moment I stepped into the office, I was made to feel welcome and comfortable, by the friendly competent staff. I found the office environment very pleasant. Dr. Pedvis is an excellent dentist. He takes the time to explain every procedure, and is attentive that I was comfortable at all times.

Melissa Lombardo

Me and my family have been going to Dr. Pedvis 's dental practice since 1995. He always performs excellent services, and is often available to handle emergencies. First class staff, as well. Their new location in Vaughan is stunning! Highly recommended.

Cameron A. M. Muir

Dr. Pedvis was so amazing! I can't say enough good things about him. Not only did he get me in quickly for a root canal (replying on a Sunday to my plea for help!). He was so great about addressing my pain and understanding my irrational fear. His follow up after the root canal was absolutely amazing! I was shocked at his follow through and care for his patients even after the procedure. I would recommend him to anyone in need of dental work.

Nancy B.


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