You May Need a Dental Procedure that Requires Sedation

Many people avoid thier local dental office in Vaughan simply because of fear. It could be something residual from their childhood, or a bad experience from a previous dental procedure. But whatever the situation, avoiding the dentist could cause existing problems to worsen, and could result in irreversible damage. Today, when getting a dental procedure that requires sedation, a dentist has a number of options to address potential pain, while providing relaxation and comfort during a procedure.

Sedation dentistry has come a long way over the years. It allows the patient to be relaxed and practically asleep when a procedure needs a lot of time. For a dental procedure that requires sedation, personal phobias are quickly diminished. Patients are not unconscious – they are in a sleep-like state, where anxiety is alleviated, and pain or discomfort is virtually nonexistent.  In short, patients of all ages have nothing to fear with a dental procedure that requires sedation.

Getting sedation during certain dental procedures

For a dental procedure that requires sedation, the dentist will decide on the approach that’s best for the patient. Often, for the benefit of all, Sedation Dentistry is the ideal approach – it allows the patient to relax comfortably, and it allows the dentist to work unrestricted.

It helps with the “gag” reflex

  • For patients who have “gag” reflexes, sedation quiets the reflex, and the treatment can proceed.

For those with TMJ dysfunction

  • Temporomandibular joint dysfunction is addressed with muscle relaxants and pain medication.

Ineffective numbing injection

  • Patients who don’t respond to “numbing” can be very successfully treated with a sedation option.

Ideal for multiple procedures

  • When patients require multiple procedures at one time, sedation dentistry is the perfect answer.

Pain relief from major surgery

  • For extractions, implants, gum surgery, and root canal treatment, sedation dentistry is effective.

Depending on treatment, various types of sedation are available

Moderate Sedation can provide a number of benefits for patients. The medication is easy to administer, without a syringe. The sedation is safe and effective for adults and children. Importantly, the sedation allows the dentist to complete all of the required work in less time.

Sedation for children is often required when there is an intense level of fear. As a sedative, Nitrous Oxide has proven to be quite safe for children, in specific doses (relative to age and weight). Needless to say, the patient’s health and safety are the priority with any procedure.

Depending on the dental procedure, a local anesthetic may be required in order to complete the work. Local anesthesia is designed to numb the treatment area, and provide relief for any pain or discomfort. In these situations, the dentist will recommend the best approach, relative to need.

Visit a Dentist in Vaughan

At the Mackenzie Dental Centre, Dr. Lloyd Pedvis is highly experienced in administering sedation. Trained and licensed in Sedation Dentistry, Dr. Lloyd Pedvis can effectively perform procedures while patients are comfortable and relaxed.  The Mackenzie dental team carefully monitors each patient (particularly children) and ensures that health and safety are always at the forefront. Contact our team today to learn if sedation dentistry is right for you.




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