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DIY Teeth Whitening Or Professional Whitening?

Posted on April 12, 2017

Market research studies show that “teeth whitening” is one of the more important priorities for people who are looking for self-improvement. With that comes the ongoing discussion about DIY teeth whitening or professional teeth whitening. Years ago, there were many “homemade” options for teeth whitening, and a good many DIY recipes - everything from baking soda mixes to hydrogen peroxide blends. And while the results varied from person to person there were some benefits. Overall professional teeth whitening performed by the teeth whitening dentists in Woodbridge will result in more impressive results and less wear and tear on your teeth. 

Benefits of DIY teeth whitening:

  • the convenience of home application
  • the benefit of having a very low price
  • avoiding the use of unsafe chemicals
  • employing a more “natural” approach

According to various studies, teeth whiteness is one of the most important things people want to improve about themselves. It’s not surprising, then, that there are so many products on the store shelves that promise whiter teeth. The truth is, long before today’s modern products, there were many homemade recipes for whitening teeth, and many do-it-yourself approaches.

Even today, the Internet is full of homemade solutions – everything from baking soda, to coconut oil, to hydrogen peroxide.  Naturally, it all requires preparation work and it's always important to be careful. Even so-called natural alternatives can have some downsides. What’s most important, however, are the results. Over the long term, are the teeth actually getting whiter?

Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda

One option for homemade toothpaste is a combination of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. It’s a recipe for stain removal on tooth enamel. When both substances are combined, the paste can be used to brush the teeth.

  • Dentists recommend very thorough rinsing after brushing so that neither of the substances remains in the mouth.
  • This product mix should not be used more than three times in a week, mainly because overuse can actually have some unintended negative effects.

Coconut Oil and Peppermint Leaf

When choosing between DIY teeth whitening or professional whitening, one natural approach is an age-old recipe made from coconut oil and peppermint leaves.

  • This mixture can clean the teeth, diminish stains, and leave a “minty” taste in the mouth.
  • Coconut oil can break down bacteria, but it must be used over the long term to have the best effect.
  • This natural cleaning and whitening option is safe to use on a daily basis and the recipe can be fabricated according to personal taste.

Activated Charcoal Tooth Paste

One of the more recent homemade options for teeth whitening is activated charcoal. Along with its detoxification benefits, it makes for a very good DIY toothpaste and tooth whitener.

  • Activated charcoal has granules that are very porous, and therefore have a way of preventing bacteria from staining the teeth.
  • The idea is to mix charcoal with water, gently apply to the teeth, and leave the mixture in place for a few minutes. Thorough rinsing with water is required to flush everything.

Choosing between DIY teeth whitening or professional whitening

Everyone experiences discoloured teeth at some point. To be sure, age is definitely a factor, but for some, diet and lifestyle are also factors. Those who smoke, for instance, are discoloring their teeth on an ongoing basis. Whatever the cause of discoloration, the desire for whiter teeth is ever growing, and many are opting for professional treatment supervised by a dentist.

There are a number of good reasons for choosing a dentist when it comes to teeth whitening. The fact is, a dentist can diagnose why the teeth are discoloured, and sometimes, there are underlying reasons. Clearly, the main purpose of teeth whitening is cosmetic, but it’s still important to assess the cause, and with a comprehensive exam, overall dental health can be gauged.

Do-it-yourself products or professional treatment, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of teeth whitening. In this way, better personal decisions can be made. As it is, teeth whitening needs to be customized to suit a specific need. And while over-the-counter retail products make various claims, professional teeth whitening is far more personal and tailored. 

The best part of a professional approach to teeth whitening is that the dentist can provide a personalized and tailor-made treatment plan. With professional teeth whitening, the bleaching technique uses active ingredients like peroxides to break down stains and discoloration in the tooth enamel. The process is simple and effective.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening:

  • professional bleaching is customized to each patient
  • in-clinic bleaching uses more peroxide than DIY kits
  • with expert supervision, bleaching results are quick
  • advanced technology will intensify the “whitening”
  • a bleaching session usually takes less than one hour
  • bleaching should always be professionally managed

Beyond the expectation of having “super white” teeth after a treatment, there is no substitute for personal oral care - a proper diet; daily maintenance; and regular dental visits. There’s no doubt that brilliantly white teeth are cosmetically attractive, but healthy teeth are the key to longevity.

The Better Approach to Teeth Whitening is the Professional one

Between DIY teeth whitening or professional whitening, the better approach is the professional approach. In-office treatment ensures the safest dosing of bleaching agents and a procedure that is carefully monitored. The results are visible immediately and the risk of mistakes or oversights is negligible. And while the cost may be more than a DIY approach, the finished results are better.

Opalescence Boost Treatment

Opalescence Boost is a whitening treatment that can offer excellent results in less than an hour. The process entails a tooth whitening gel that contains a nitrate and fluoride mix. Once a colour shade is decided, Opalescence is applied to the teeth, and results are about an hour away. This is a safe and effective in-clinic treatment, and without any additional heat, light, or laser usage.

Britesmile Teeth Whitening

Under clinic supervision, the Britesmile treatment begins with an application of a whitening gel. Then, a special “blue light” is positioned over the application area at several intervals. The “blue light” activates the gel and the whitening process. The dentist will recommend if Britesmile is the best approach and if the patient is a good candidate. The average chair time is about one hour.

Deep Bleaching Technique

Deep bleaching is a multi-step approach to teeth whitening. It has proven to whiten even the most difficult of stains and provides long lasting results. Deep bleaching involves both clinic treatment and home treatment, using a custom device that is worn over the teeth. The goal of the treatment is to whiten with bleaching gel, while ensuring that the teeth are permeable to oxygen.

ZOOM! Teeth Whitening

The ZOOM! teeth whitening protocol delivers excellent results in as little as three 15-minute clinic visits. Depending on the patient, and the condition of the teeth, enamel colour can appear up to eight shades whiter. With ZOOM! there is also a convenient “take home” system that works in as few as three days. Here again, this should be done only under professional supervision.

In recent years, professional whitening agents have become safer and more effective than ever. Unfortunately, patients have very high expectations, and are demanding fabulous results every time. In reality, natural teeth aren’t really supposed to be “super white”. And a good dentist will urge patients to be satisfied when their teeth match “the white of their eyes”.

Like everything, advertising and marketing tend to create unrealistic expectations. It’s much the same with teeth whitening - even with the most expensive whitening treatment, results will vary with the patient. For one person, a whitening treatment may improve tooth colour by 3 shades, while for another person the improvement might be less obvious to the eye.

Expectations aside, white teeth also rely on good oral health. This is achieved through personal commitment - a healthy and balanced diet; proper day-to-day oral care; and regular visits to the dentist. Indeed, while white teeth may be wonderful from a cosmetic point of view, what’s really important is overall dental health that is well monitored by a reliable dentist.

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