It Is Always Good to Have an Emergency Dentist in Woodbridge

Dr. Lloyd Pedvis, an emergency dentist in Woodbridge, treats patients of all ages for a wide range of dental emergencies. While every emergency is uniquely different, there are definitely some that are common – like a decayed tooth with unbearable pain; or a sports injury with obvious damage; or perhaps a chipped tooth from a mishap around the home. Whatever the case, urgent emergency dental care will make a big difference in successfully saving a tooth.

Usually, an accident, mishap, or injury is unanticipated, even when the greatest of care is taken. When it comes to injuries that occur in the mouth and teeth, immediate care is recommended for best outcomes. In other words, the more immediate the diagnosis and treatment, the better the results. For patients who need an emergency dentist in Woodbridge, it’s the Mackenzie Dental Centre that can offer a range of dental services that would best assure a good outcome.

Unfortunately, dental emergencies often happen without notice

Needless to say, most dental emergencies are unexpected. And that’s why having an emergency dentist in Woodbridge can be a real advantage. Whatever the injury, each patient has a different experience with the symptoms and with the pain. For some, a toothache could be so painful that it’s truly an emergency. For others, a broken tooth or cracked tooth would be considered an emergency. However, what’s most important with any dental emergency is immediate treatment.

Immediate diagnosis and follow-up dental treatment is key to success

As an emergency dentist in Woodbridge, Dr. Pedvis can identify a problem, assess the damages, and begin treatment immediately. For the majority of patients, this type of immediate diagnosis and treatment can make a dramatic difference in outcomes. In many cases, even a tooth that has been knocked out completely can be “saved”. However, if many hours go by before seeking some emergency intervention, it’s far less likely that the tooth can be “saved” – immediacy is the key.

Different types of dental emergencies require different approaches

When something gets stuck in the teeth, it may not necessarily be an emergency, but urgent care may still be required. Here again, the emergency response would be to diagnosis and resolve the problem as best as possible. This will also ensure that bigger problems will be avoided. For some patients, relief of unbearable pain is actually the emergency. For this, Dr. Pedvis provides patient comfort and some form of relief until the time that more comprehensive treatment can ensue.

A Reliable and Experienced Dentist in Woodbridge

Beyond providing effective emergency services in Woodbridge, Dr. Pedvis also provides a full range of regular dental services for the whole family. This includes semi-annual dental exams, root canal treatments, dental reconstruction, and cosmetic dentistry procedures. And because every patient is different, Dr. Pedvis provides a personalized approach to each. To book a personal appointment, call the clinic at 905-417-8700. To find out more about the wide range of dental procedures offered, contact us online.




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