Finding A General Dentist In Woodbridge And Vaughan

Although many people will visit the dentist only when there’s a problem, it’s actually wise to have a general dentist near you in Vaughan as a primary health care provider. In fact, it’s wise for the entire family, young and old. After all, oral health is integral to general health, so having a preventive approach makes sense. For the most part, a general dentist will oversee the diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of most oral care issues. A good general dentist will work cooperatively with a family doctor.

For the typical dental patient, regular and on-going dental visits are essential for good oral care. A preventive approach to oral health is about keeping teeth and gums in good shape – preventing cavities from developing, and inhibiting the potential for gum disease. In most cases, it’s about daily brushing and flossing; clinic check ups and cleanings; and early diagnosis of any problems. Beyond that, various dental procedures can be performed in an effort to avoid any worsening.

general dentist vaughan and woodbridgeGood dentists tend to be good listeners, particularly in understanding patient health issues and personal nuances. What’s most important is for dentist and patient to collaborate when assessing various treatments and procedures. This is especially relevant when a patient has anxiety issues with dentistry. Additionally, because dental procedures can often be costly, the dentist must be sensitive to budget concerns, since it’s not uncommon to avoid a treatment because of the cost.

A good dentist won’t “upsell” patients on a particular product or device. Truth is, every patient wants good professional advice and treatment recommendations that make sense. At the same time, the family dentist should not be a salesperson who promotes dental products. Worse still, patients do not appreciate being “upsold” on a treatment or procedure that may not be necessary. The reality, of course, is that without insurance coverage, more involved treatments are costly.

Although the family dentist is not usually a family friend, patients do want a relationship that is pleasant and amiable. A good relationship will make for better overall health care, and a better atmosphere during every clinic visit. Good relationships also set the stage for a dentist to educate a patient, and take the time to explain a treatment plan, with the pros and cons, and any potential risks. Indeed, it’s the happy, satisfied patients who do better with post-treatment oral care.

A Trusted Dental Clinic in Vaughan

In Woodbridge and Vaughan, the Mackenzie Dental Centre offers comprehensive dental care that is personalized to suit the patient. Dr. Lloyd Pedvis employs state-of-the-art technology and the latest medical techniques to provide a patient-focused approach to modern dentistry. The highly trained dental team provides support with a host of procedures - from annual examinations, to professional cleaning, to cosmetic treatments, to more involved dental procedures.

For more information about the Mackenzie Dental Centre, or to book a personal appointment, call the clinic at 905-417-8700 or contact us here. For routine dental checkups, or more involved dental procedures, patients are always in good hands.




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