How Painful is the Dental Implant Procedure?

Many people are anxious about getting a dental implant. Naturally, there is some fear, and the biggest question is about how painful the dental implant procedure is. While the fear of pain is reasonable, today’s technologies and procedures have come a long way with dental implants.

If you do need a dental implant, here’s what to expect

In addressing how painful the dental implant procedure is, it’s best to get a good understanding of the procedure itself. In fact, a good dentist in Woodbridge will make sure that you know what to expect. The truth is, every dental implant procedure is going to be different based on the individual patient.

If you lose a tooth, it needs to be replaced. Otherwise, there will be numerous problems that can develop. One option for tooth replacement is a dental implant. It’s certainly a personal decision, but there are a number of benefits over other options like dentures, bridges, and even crowns.

How does the implant procedure work in practice?

A dental implant is surgically inserted into the jaw. The implant replaces the original tooth root, and a manufactured artificial tooth is placed on top of the implant. Several factors determine the scope of work during an implant:  personal health; number of teeth; and need for any grafting.

Dental implants are completed in two phases.  With treatment over the course of half a year, the first step is to surgically place the implant in the jaw. Once affixed and secure, a fabricated tooth replacement (artificial) is placed and fitted on top of the implant to complete the procedure.

Dental Implants vaughan

Is there any pain during dental implant surgery?

Like other dental surgery procedures, there can be pain and discomfort with a dental implant. However, answering the question about how painful the dental implant procedure is, that’s something personal – every patient is different, and every patient has different pain tolerance.

Today, with modern techniques and advanced pain management, your dentist can provide you with practically pain-free treatment. There are various types of sedation (including moderate sedation) that can moderate both pain and anxiety. For many, non-narcotic medication suffices.

Is there any pain after the dental implant surgery?

With dental implants, the complexity of the procedure may have an impact on post-treatment pain and soreness. For some, there may be bruising, swelling, and even residual bleeding. As for healing, this varies from person to person. Swelling and pain should be gone after 7 to 10 days.

Whatever the level of pain and discomfort, there are methods for relief. An ice pack is always a good approach to pain management. Painkillers, both prescription and non-prescription, can be used to diminish pain. This is short term discomfort in exchange for long-term dental health.

What can be done to avoid pain after the surgery?

There are a number of ways to minimize pain and discomfort during the 7 - 10 days of healing.

  • follow dentist instructions
  • take painkillers properly
  • use ice packs as necessary
  • bathe gums in salt water
  • eat colder and softer foods
  • continue brushing/flossing
  • if needed, get medical help

Dental implants at the Mackenzie Dental Centre

For those patients wondering how painful the dental implant procedure is, the Mackenzie Dental Centre can make a difference. Dr. Lloyd Pedvis provides Moderate Sedation if required, allowing patients to feel more relaxed, while remaining conscious and awake. Pain and discomfort are measurably reduced, and the clinic team monitors each patient during sedation. Best of all, Dr. Pedvis can offer either Moderate Sedation or Minimal Sedation. To connect with out dental office in Vaughan, visit our contact page or call Dr. Pedvis directly at 905-417-8700.




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