Your Trusted Dentist in Maple, Vaughan 

Treat your teeth with advanced dental solutions from Mackenzie Dental Centre in Maple & Woodbridge, Vaughan. 

Finding a dentist in Maple is more than just convenience and location. The best dental clinics in Vaughan focus on high-quality work, industry-leading equipment, advanced training, and a reliable team. Dr. Pedvis and the Mackenzie Dental Centre team are here to provide you with the dental care you need for a healthy smile you love. 

Family Dentist Near You in Maple

dentist in Maple, VaughanAs you age, your dental needs evolve and change. Our dentist in Maple, Woodbridge, and the Vaughan area provides pediatric and geriatric dental care. Using specialized knowledge and personalized treatments, we help care for the entire family. 

  • Babies & Children: From teething to losing teeth, children’s teeth evolve significantly in the first few years. Many young children struggle with overcrowding, cavities, thumbsucking and dental emergencies. The dentist in Maple and Woodbridge at Mackenzie Dental Centre knows how to approach children with care and comfort, navigating dental anxiety and fear of dentists. 
  • Seniors: As you age, your teeth begin to lose bone strength. With age, many people start to experience gum disease, suffer tooth loss, and struggle with cavities. From exam to treatment, our dental team in Vaughan carefully provides solutions that improve quality of life and health, from bridges and dental implants to fillings and root canals. For emergency dental care or cosmetic dental solutions, trust the dentists near you at Mackenzie Dental Centre. 

Cosmetic Dentistry in Maple 

Not being entirely happy with your smile can affect your confidence and how you socialize. Whether you don’t like the shape of your teeth, their colour, or even the spacing, we have a solution for you at Mackenzie Dental Centre. Our dentist always provides thoughtful and practical treatment options designed to curate the perfect smile. 

  • Veneers: Are your teeth chipped, space irregularly, too small, or too big for your liking? Porcelain and composite veneers are available at Mackenzie Dental Centre which will enhance your smile. 
  • Dental Implants: A missing tooth or tooth that needs extraction can quickly affect how you eat or diminish the confidence in your smile. Dental implants are a long-lasting option provided by our dentists in Maple and Woodbridge in Vaughan that returns functionality to your teeth and restores your confidence. 
  • Teeth Whitening: When your teeth aren’t as bright or radiant as you would like, professional teeth whitening from a trusted dental clinic can whiten your smile. Our advanced Zoom whitening solutions help you get the teeth you want quickly and efficiently. 

Emergency Dental Services Near You

Whether you bite down on something hard, get something stuck between your teeth, or get a tooth knocked out, dental emergencies occur without warning. You can contact Mackenzie Dental Centre, a dental clinic in Woodbridge, right next door to Maple for emergency dental services when accidents happen. Our dentist in Maple will help you with everything, including infections, extractions, and tooth repairs, with high-quality materials and care. 

Mackenzie Dental Centre Serving Maple 

Dr.Lloyd Pedvis and the trusted Mackenzie Dental Centre team are here to provide quality dental services. Located in Woodbridge, Vaughan, our reputable dental clinic services Maple and Woodbridge. As a top-rated dentist near Maple, the team is trusted in the entire Vaughan area for all your dental needs. 

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