It's National Fresh Breath Day

Here are 5 tips for clean, fresh breath

Every August, National Fresh Breath Day reminds us that the quality of our breath is much more than just a social embarrassment (and something that can ruin any social interaction). The good news is that correcting the quality of our breath quite simple and easily achievable.

National Fresh Breath Day brings awareness to the big picture – regular oral care, scheduled dental visits, and attentiveness to the risks of gum disease. The fact is, bad breath is symptomatic, and there are measures that can address what’s happening underneath the surface.

National Fresh Breath Day offers some great tips

Unless your dentist in Vaughan has a reason to recommend more in-depth treatment, there a few very simple things that you can do on your own to maintain optimum oral health, in addition to fresh breath.

Replacing your toothbrush every three months

dentist in vaughanIt might sound like a marketing scheme, but if you're not switching to a new toothbrush every three months you're compromising your oral care – it’s probably best oral care tool you have. A used up toothbrush is simply ineffective in removing tooth plaque and undesirable food debris.

Flossing is as essential a routine as brushing

This tip is simple and essentially important. But it seems to take a back seat very quickly. The best way to stick to a flossing routine is to make it easy. Your floss should be in plain sight - don't hide it in a drawer or cabinet. Having the floss visible will be an constant convincing reminder.

Try using a tongue scraper and see the results

Once you find a tongue scraper that you like, it’s a good tool to use before bedtime. It’s actually amazing how much leftover debris a tongue scraper will remove. Indeed, the less food debris in and around the mouth, the less potential for bacteria to develop (and that means fresher breath).

Stay hydrated by drinking water during the day

Drinking water is an awareness tip during National Fresh Breath Day, principally because it’s contributory to oral health. Drinking water during the day stimulates our saliva production, which in itself is a natural defense against germs and bacteria that cause bad breath to develop.

Another option is “covering up” your bad breath

While “covering up” bad breath is not an uncommon plan of attack, it’s simply short term. At the same time, however, eating parsley after a meal actually works. It has some antibacterial benefits, which can help to keep the mouth clean. Sugar-free gum can also promote salivation short term.

National Fresh Breath Day reminds us to take care

The takeaway here is that clean, fresh breath is a reflection of our own personal oral health.  The problem is that we love to drink coffee, eat tuna, and munch all kinds of snacks before bedtime. It makes for a challenging task in trying to keep our mouths clean, and our breath fresh. The best we can really do is to follow the easy tips that are offered. What’s the most important is to realize the direct connection between clean breath, oral health, and general health.




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