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What Are The Three Stages of Root Canal Treatment?

Posted on October 27, 2022

Root Canal Therapy is a standard dental procedure used to treat diseases associated with the pulp of your teeth. The tooth pulp plays a crucial role in your tooth’s early development and growth. Any decay due to caries or traumatic injury to the tooth can lead to painful inflammation, abscesses, and infection. When this happens, root canal treatment is essential to save the infected tooth. Contact an emergency dentist in Vaughan immediately if you are experiencing persistent tooth pain and swelling around the gums and mouth. 

Your trusted dentist in Maple and Woodbridge will remove the infected pulp and seal it to prevent reinfection. Any root canal treatment essentially comprises the following three stages. 

Stage 1: Pulp Extirpation

root canal treatmentThe first stage in root canal treatment is the extirpation or the effective and safe removal of the infected pulp. This involves—

Anesthetic: Your dentist in Maple and Woodbridge, will apply a topical anesthetic to your gums to temporarily numb the area before giving a local anesthetic. This is to ensure minimal discomfort during the treatment. 

Placing the Rubber Dam: Next, a rubber dam(an isolation device) is put on the infected tooth. This ensures a relatively dry and clean working area, minimizing fluids and debris in the mouth. 

Access Creation & Pulp Removal: Your dentist will create an “access point” on top of the infected tooth. Files of various diameters are inserted into the access hole to reach the damaged pulp and remove it from the canals. 

Antibiotics: The dentist will then irrigate and dry the tooth canals. Once dry, an antibiotic will be placed inside the tooth to treat the present infection.

Temporary Filling: Finally, a soft cotton pellet is placed over the tooth, and the access is sealed with a temporary filling. This stops further contamination through salivary bacteria and allows for repeat access into the root canals when required. 

Stage 2: Instrumentation to Shape Canals 

The patient is then called after 1-2 weeks of the extirpation. The second stage involves the shaping and preparation of the canals. Tiny instruments are inserted in the tooth to shape the canals and prepare them for the filling material. After cleaning the canals, they are dried and sealed again for the next stage. Sometimes, Stages 1 and 2 of the root canal treatment may be performed on the same day. 

Stage 3: Obturation 

The dentist uses a gutta-percha (flexible rubber-like material) to fill the dried and shaped root canals. This is done when your orthodontist is confident that the infection is under control with no signs of discomfort or soreness. When placing the rubber dam, the tooth is again irrigated with antibacterial solutions and dried. The gutta-percha is then put in the root canals and heated to seal them inside the root canals. The dentist will do a temporary or permanent filling, depending on the diagnosis. After the permanent filling, a crown can be placed on the tooth, completing the root canal treatment. 

Consequences of Not Getting a Required Root Canal Treatment?

Without the necessary Root canal procedure, you may experience acute pain and discomfort. The nerves and blood vessels inside the tooth will be severely infected, with pus and abscess formation. It may cause bone loss, jaw degeneration, and loss of the infected tooth. The abscess infection can cause significant swelling around the jaw, eyes and neck; in extreme cases, you may need hospitalization. 

A Trusted Dentist in Maple & Woodbridge 

If you require a root canal treatment, you must act quickly to protect your tooth. Given the nature of therapy and frequency of visits, it’s best to work with a trusted local dentist like Dr. Lloyd Pedvis at Mackenzie Dental Centre. 

Contact Mackenzie Dental Centre for safe & virtually pain-free root canal treatment today! 

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