What Causes Infected Tooth Pulps?

An infected tooth pulp may be the culprit if you’re experiencing extreme tooth pain and sensitivity while chewing or have tender, swollen gums. It is a dental emergency that requires a visit to a competent dentist in Maple and Woodbridge for probable root canal treatment. Wondering what causes infected tooth pulps and associated signs? Read on to learn about tooth pulp infection, its causes, and treatment. 

What is Tooth Pulp?

root canal treatment WoodbridgeThe pulp is the central part of the tooth, a gelatinous organic material comprising nerves, connective tissues, and blood vessels. It fills up the ‘pulp chamber,’ a hollow cavity in the center of each tooth. The tooth pulp is surrounded by dentin—a protective layer that gives your tooth its colour. A hard outer shell called the enamel encases the dentin. 

The tooth pulp has the following critical functions:

  • It aids the formation of new dentin.
  • It gives your tooth the sensation of heat, cold, and pressure.
  • Tooth pulp provides a pathway for nutrients to travel up from the root, keeping it healthy and functioning. 

Causes of Pulp Infection 

Protecting the pulp and dentin is crucial–if disease-causing bacteria make their way inside, the pulp can develop an infection. A pulp infection is also called pulpitis. 

Several contaminants can penetrate the pulp chamber and cause an infection: 

  • Dental caries or deep cavities in the tooth.
  • Cracks or tooth fractures that expose the dental pulp.
  • Periodontal disease.
  • Bruxism—grinding one’s teeth.
  • Trauma from a blow or a fall.

Your dentist in Woodbridge and Maple will usually suggest a tooth-saving root canal treatment (RCT) for a pulp infection. Root Canal Treatment involves removing the infected pulp inside the tooth to eliminate bacteria and prevent reinfection. The infected pulp chamber & root canal is thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, filled and sealed. This saves the tooth and eliminates infection and pain. Pulp infections can be avoided by maintaining good oral hygiene. This will keep harmful bacteria at bay and prevent caries & periodontal disease. And don’t forget to schedule regular dental check-ups.

Signs a Tooth Infection Requires Root Canal Treatment

Common signs and symptoms that indicate a need for professional root canal treatment:

  • Severe tooth pain while chewing. 
  • Extreme sensitivity to hot/cold food & drink.
  • Darkening or discolouration of tooth enamel & gums
  • Tender & swollen gums.
  • Blisters or boil on the gums.
  • Pain in a cracked or Chipped tooth. 
  • Severe toothache that intensifies(throbs) on lying down.
  • Bad breath.
  • Foul taste inside the mouth. 
  • Fever is also common in severe infections.

Don’t Delay Root Canal Treatment 

Delaying treatment will only prolong your pain and discomfort. It can also worsen the infection and require a complete tooth extraction. Don’t be anxious and put off a much-needed root canal treatment! A timely root canal procedure can save your tooth and prevent reinfection. Contrary to common opinion, a root canal treatment is not painful. Advances in endodontic procedures have ensured that getting an RCT is virtually painless. Your dentist in Maple and Woodbridge will give you a local anesthetic to make the process comfortable and pain-free. Antibiotics and analgesics will take care of any post-treatment discomfort. 

Contact Mackenzie Dental Center for flawless root canal therapy and other professional endodontic treatments. Dr. Pedvis is Woodbridge and Vaughan’s most renowned dental specialist, with significant experience and expertise in root canal treatment. Trust us to restore your smile and relieve your pain.

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