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Benefits of Having a Child-Friendly Dental Office in Woodbridge

Posted on September 26, 2017

With a child-friendly dental office in Woodbridge, parents can soon appreciate the benefits of this type of specialization. The fact is, children need specialized dental care and attention, particularly in their early years. For some, there is understandable stress when visiting the dentist in Woodbridge, so having a welcome environment is essential in addressing those fears. Dr. Lloyd Pedvis, an experienced dentist in Vaughan provides a child-friendly environment at the Mackenzie Dental Centre, while following guidelines established by the Canadian Dental Association. With Dr. Pedvis, a positive start sets the stage for the future.

 Kid-Friendly Dentist with a preventative approach to dentistry

Parents looking for a child-friendly dental office in Woodbridge can rely on the Mackenzie Dental Centre for a preventive approach to dentistry. And with Dr. Pedvis, the basic strategies often begin as early as age two. One of the priorities with Dr. Pedvis is to create a so-called “dental home” for the kids - oral examinations are stress-free and diagnostic assessments simply become routine. Young and old, regular clinic visits are highly recommended, while oral hygiene and home care are equally encouraged. The important thing is to instill a proactive approach.

 Developing a proper oral hygiene routine at an early age

By having a kid-friendly dental office in Woodbridge, it’s possible to translate “grown up” ideas about dental care to the children. This includes developing good hygiene habits; preventing tooth decay; and even avoiding future orthodontic problems. With children, the primary focus for Dr. Pedvis is on day-to-day oral care, and instilling good dental hygiene habits going forward. Like it or not, oral health issues will emerge (even in young patients) but with a good child-friendly dental office in Woodbridge specialized services and professional attention are readily available.

 Stress-free environment for dental health issues

At some stage, every child, young or old, will present with some dental health issue. From fillings to orthodontics, a child-friendly approach has some real benefits. Dr. Pedvis will offer appropriate remedy options to suit the need at his dental clinic in Vaughan. Dr. Pedvis appreciates the sensitivities of children, and makes every effort to create a safe, comfortable, and stress free environment. At his child-friendly dental office in Woodbridge, Dr. Pedvis offers everything from routine exams, to more involved dental procedures, to professional referrals when necessary.

Develop a long-term relationship with your dentist in Woodbridge

As children grow and mature, various dental procedures may be required. And while cleaning and fluoridation may be the routine procedures, sometimes there’s a need for more – like a space maintainer, or a protective mouth guard, or even a custom orthodontic appliance. Whatever the case, Dr. Pedvis treats every child personally, developing a trusted long-term relationship as things go forward. Simply put, with a child-friendly dental office, parents have a much easier time bringing their kids to the dentist. It can actually turn into a routine, stress-free experience.

For parents looking for a child-friendly dental office, Dr. Pedvis recommends asking relevant questions and doing some research. The point is, informed parents make better decisions. And this is particularly true when choosing a family dentist. Families living in Vaughan, Woodbridge and surrounding communities can contact Dr. Pedvis online or directly at 905-417-8700.

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