The Benefits of INVISALIGN® Over Other Types of Braces

INVISALIGN® is the brand name for a unique and innovative alternative to traditional braces. For some, it might just be a familiar name, perhaps from some advertising. But for patients seriously considering the procedure, it’s important to understand how it all works, and if it would even be a good alternative. Patients who have a good understanding of the treatment are motivated and committed, and work in collaboration with the dentist in Woodbridge.

Like many specialized dental procedures, INVISALIGN® requires a professional consultation - it’s a unique product and a long-term commitment. More than that, the dentist must advise if it’s the right approach for the patient. And with INVISALIGN®, a wide range of conditions can be treated, from simple to difficult. During consultation, patients are apprised of the treatment plan in detail: the procedure as a whole; the costs incurred; even insurance coverage.

The INVISALIGN® treatment begins with detailed X-Rays of the patient’s mouth and teeth. With a three-dimensional view of the mouth and teeth, it’s possible to accurately assess tooth movement and therefore evaluate the extent of treatment that will be required. In fact, it’s also possible for a patient to view a virtual demo of the teeth being altered. Here again, the idea is to instill a sense of commitment for the patient, and some motivation for the long term.

Although every patient is different, INVISALIGN® takes about a year for results.  At the start, the patient receives a set of customized “aligners”.  They are fabricated from clear materials, they are  “BPA-FREE”, and are comfortable to wear when inserted. The “aligners” do not irritate the mouth or teeth, and patients routinely wear them throughout the day. Needless to say, the “aligners” are removed whenever required. In short, they are unseen and unnoticed.

The principal idea with INVISALIGN® is that irregular teeth shift very gradually - they move into proper alignment when the “aligners” are in place. Unlike traditional braces, the fixture is all but invisible, and therefore inconspicuous. As the treatment progresses new “aligners” are provided about every 2 weeks. Every 6 weeks, overall progress is monitored and assessed by the dentist. In this way, anything uncommon can be addressed, and then corrected.

Get a Smile You Love with a Dentist in Woodbridge

The best outcomes with INVISALIGN® are derived when the “aligners” are worn for 20 hours a day.  Indeed, many patients will notice alignment changes at almost every stage of treatment. It makes for a positive and empowering patient experience. As the end of treatment approaches, a patient can see dramatic physical changes to the mouth and teeth. This is a result of commitment - a yearlong treatment plan that virtually guarantees a brand new smile.   

At the Mackenzie Dental Centre, Dr. Lloyd Pedvis provides the INVISALIGN® treatment protocol for patients young and old. The clinic team is highly trained and proficient, and makes sure that the yearlong effort is well worthwhile in the end. Patients will enjoy a clinic environment that is both welcoming and comfortable.




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