Breaking Down The Dental Veneers Procedure

Dental veneers are a great solution to any cosmetic issues you have with your teeth. If you want to transform your smile, dental veneers are an excellent choice. If you are concerned about what about the veneers procedure, we encourage you to get in touch with one of our veneers dentists at Mackenzie Dental Centre. The procedure is moderately invasive but when performed by a professional veneer’s dentist, you should not feel large amounts of discomfort or pain. Read on to learn how to prepare for the procedure and what to expect after.

Your Consultation For A Dental Veneer Procedure

Dental veneers are a great way to fix any cosmetic problem with your teeth without having to undergo an overly invasive procedure. Before you are scheduled for a dental veneer procedure, we will schedule a consultation with one of our veneer’s dentist to ensure that this procedure is the best choice for you. A veneer dentist will take an impression of your mouth, and then they will send it to a dental lab where they will create the veneer pieces for your teeth. These pieces are then bonded onto your teeth. Veneers can be used to improve the shape, colour, and size of your teeth. They can also hide any issues that you may have with your teeth, such as chips or cracks. Veneers are a great way to improve your overall health and appearance.

Preparation For Dental Veneer Procedure

Preparing your teeth properly is paramount in order to make the dental veneers stick properly. The dentist will start by cleaning the problem area as well as taking an impression of your teeth. This will give them a model to follow when they start working on the veneers. We will then shave off 0.3-0.5 millimeters of enamel from your tooth’s surface. 

The Procedure and Managing Pain

You will be given a local anesthetic to numb the area. After the dentist has shaved off the surface of the tooth, they will glue down the veneer. You will then go home with your temporary veneers and wait for two weeks until you can have another appointment to have permanent veneers put in place.  

The Healing  Process

It is important to make sure that you take your time after your dental veneer’s procedure. If you want to achieve the best results, you should follow the instructions from your dentist. The healing time of this procedure is usually about 2-3 weeks. Patients might experience some pain or sensitivity when drinking or eating cold or hot objects. An important tip after your procedure is to use sensitive toothpaste and avoid hard foods. 

Contact The Veneers Dentists In Vaughan 

The Mackenzie Dental Centre offers a variety of cosmetic dentistry services that will help you achieve the healthy and beautiful smile that you want. Veneers are a great way to improve your overall health and appearance. Our specialists at Mackenzie Dental Centre would be happy to sit down for a consultation. Get in touch with our team today! 




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