Choosing a Good General Dentist in Woodbridge

While many people tend to visit the dentist when they have a problem, it’s much wiser to include the dentist as a general health care provider. For patients who are looking for a good general dentist in Woodbridge, the Mackenzie Dental Centre provides family dentistry with a preventive approach. At the clinic, Dr. Lloyd Pedvis offers a modern approach to diagnosis and treatment.

General Dentist in WoodbridgePreventive Dentistry

As a leading dentist in Woodbridge, Dr. Pedvis believes in a preventive approach to dentistry. The principal aim is to keep the teeth and gums healthy - avoiding cavities, reducing enamel wear, and preventing gum disease. Importantly, regular clinic visits will ensure early diagnosis.

Advanced Technology

From routine cleanings, to more complex procedures, the Mackenzie Dental Centre employs the latest in dental technologies, assuring the most accurate diagnosis, along with remedy options.

PERIOWAVE™ is a non-intrusive treatment for gum disease. It neutralizes bacteria that can potentially cause gum disease. (Periowave™ is an adjunct to regular periodontal care).

VELSCOPE is an advanced technology for oral cancer screening. Velscope will identify tissue that could be cancerous and/or pre-cancerous. This allows for more accurate detection.

DIGITAL X-RAYS provide very high quality images, with less radiation, and with digital output that can be assessed immediately. With this technology, early diagnosis is assured.

SIROLASER is used for a wide variety of oral surgery procedures (periodontal treatments and root canals). This laser allows for faster healing and less swelling after a treatment.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Patients seeking a general dentist in Woodbridge will find a wide range of cosmetic dental services at the Mackenzie Dental Centre. For both adults and children, cosmetic dentistry encompasses everything from amalgam-free fillings, to Invisalign® braces, to dental veneers.

Emergency Services

For unexpected accidents and mishaps, Dr. Pedvis provides emergency dental care, often with extended hours. The clinic is equipped to treat a variety of emergencies, and patients can rely on the Mackenzie dental team for urgent care, immediate diagnosis, and follow-up treatment.

The Mackenzie Dental Centre

Dr. Lloyd Pedvis is an established dentist in Woodbridge, servicing patients throughout Vaughan Region. The clinic promotes a preventative approach to modern dentistry, with regular dental check-ups, and an emphasis on early diagnosis. This type of approach is all about maintaining good oral health care – keeping the teeth and gums in optimum shape – preventing the advance of cavities – and diminishing the potential for gum disease.

While personal oral health care is key to success, Dr. Pedvis believes in early diagnosis to avoid conditions from worsening. This relies on regular clinic visits, and a commitment to treatment protocols. As a family dentist in Woodbridge, Dr. Pedvis makes every effort to provide the best possible remedy for each patient. From routine semi-annual checkups, to complex procedures, patients are always in good hands at the Mackenzie Dental Centre.

For more information about services at the Mackenzie Dental Centre, or to book an appointment with Dr. Pedvis, contact us online or call the clinic directly at 905-417-8700.




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