Cosmetic Dentistry Can Do Wonders For Self Esteem

Cosmetic dental procedures have come a long way in recent years – they are more affordable and the results are far better than ever. Today, cosmetic dentistry is accessible to anyone who wants a nicer, more attractive smile. And with better tools, techniques, and technologies, the outcomes are simply better. Depending on the need, patients can choose from a wide range of procedures.

For numerous reasons, a more attractive smile fosters self-esteem. A fabulous smile is worn with confidence, and stimulates positivity. Indeed, men and women alike just feel better. And whether it’s a so-called “gummy smile”, some badly stained teeth, or unsightly gaps between the teeth - there is always a solution. The result:  a new smile that is beautiful, attractive and appealing.

Although many cosmetic procedures are aesthetic in nature, there are also corrective procedures than restore and beautify at the same time. This would be relevant when correcting a misplaced bite; when restoring a badly chipped tooth; or when rectifying serious decay. With our leading cosmetic dentist in Vaughan, the cosmetic procedure would serve to repair damage enhance the overall aesthetics of the mouth and teeth.

Amalgam-Free Fillings

For those who are concerned about unsightly metal fillings (and consequent health issues), white amalgam-free fillings are a safe alternative, and are very aesthetically appealing.

Clinic Teeth Whitening 

Today, advanced teeth whitening treatments provide excellent results in a few short clinic visits. Often using hydrogen peroxide, the teeth can appear up to eight shades whiter.

Invisalign® Clear Braces

Invisalign® clear braces are designed to wear over the teeth, as they gradually shift crooked teeth into alignment. No unattractive metal brackets are required during treatment.

Dental Veneer Placement

Veneers are particularly well suited for repairing damaged/decayed teeth. They fit faultlessly over a given tooth, and dramatically improve the aesthetic look of the tooth.

Dental Implant Surgery

In some restorations, a dental implant could be used to replace a natural tooth with a fabricated “replacement”. Dental implants look good, and feel natural and comfortable.

Gingival Contouring

For those with an irregular gum line, Gingival Contouring can “sculpt” the gums and noticeably improve a smile. A quick procedure for most, treatment is virtually painless.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

In some cases, patients require extensive restoration in the upper or lower jaw. Here, restorative and cosmetic procedures are combined in order to provide the best results.

For patients at the Mackenzie Dental Centre, Dr. Lloyd Pedvis provides a wide range of cosmetic dentistry procedures, each designed to meet personal patient needs. The dental team is highly qualified, using state-of-the-art technologies, as well as the most advanced protocols in cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Pedvis treats patients of all ages in a modern, stress-free clinic environment.

For accidents and/or dental emergencies, when cosmetic dentistry is integral to a successful outcome, the Mackenzie dental team is available with the best possible care and an effective response time. And for those patients who merely want to walk out of the clinic with a fabulous new smile, there are numerous options that will deliver the desired results.




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