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Create a Beautiful Smile with Dental Veneers

Posted on April 18, 2023

A healthy, beautiful smile adds charm and charisma to your persona. Unfortunately, many of us are self-conscious about our smiles due to crooked, discoloured, or damaged teeth. Fortunately, here at Mackenzie Dental Centre, we offer modern cosmetic dentistry solutions to help you attain that perfect smile. The ever-versatile dental veneers are amongst our most popular and effective cosmetic dental treatments to transform flaws in your teeth. Here’s how your trusted dentist in Vaughan can recapture and recraft your smile.

Why People Opt for Veneers

dental veneersOne may opt for dental veneers to correct a wide range of dental imperfections. They are ideal for those looking to enhance their smile without undergoing invasive dental procedures. A professional cosmetic dentist in Vaughan can affix customized dental shells to the front of your natural teeth to conceal imperfections like stains, chips, cracks, gaps, or discolouration. Veneers can also be used to fix misshapen or unevenly sized teeth. 

Dental Consultation

The first step to getting dental veneers is scheduling a consultation with a trusted cosmetic dentist in Vaughan. They will examine your teeth & gums and discuss your dental goals to recommend the ideal treatment plan for your needs. At Mackenzie Dental Centre, we provide personalized consultations considering your unique dental needs and preferences. 

Preparation with Dentist 

Once you and your dentist decide on the type of veneers and look, they will prepare your teeth for the new veneers. The dentist may remove a fine layer of enamel from the front & sides of your teeth to make room for your new porcelain or composite veneers. This ensures that the veneers fit correctly and give a natural look. Or they may only polish the enamel during the preparation stage. 

Fabrication of Veneers

The next step is the actual creation of the veneers. Your dentist in Vaughan will take impressions of your teeth for custom veneers that fit perfectly. You can opt for durable porcelain or resin-based composite veneers to match your natural teeth. The veneer shells are fabricated in a dental laboratory and delivered to your dentist for placement. The fabrication process can take several days or weeks, so your dentist may affix temporary veneers over your prepared teeth. 

The Final Veneer Fitting 

Once your veneers are ready, your cosmetic dentist will call you for the final fitting. Using a high-strength dental adhesive, the dentist will bond the customized veneers to the front of your prepared teeth. With dental veneers in place, you can step out with the confidence of an enchanting smile! Veneers look and feel like natural teeth––you can speak, eat, and smile naturally with your enhanced teeth. Dental veneers are also easy maintenance. Just brush & floss your teeth normally, and visit your dentist for regular checkups and cleanings.

The Top Dentist in Woodbridge for Veneers

At Mackenzie Dental Centre, we’re committed to providing premier dental care in a warm and welcoming environment. Our state-of-the-art facility, cutting-edge dental technologies, and experienced team under the expert guidance of Dr.Llyod Pedvis make us a top choice for all cosmetic dentistry services. Every patient has unique dental needs & preferences, and the Mackenzie Dental team provides a friendly, personalized approach for every treatment plan. Whether you require dental veneers or other cosmetic dentistry services, choose the leadng dentists in Woodbridge at Mackenzie Dental Centre to create an enchanting smile! 

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