Decrease Discomfort With Laser Dentistry

Nobody really looks forward to a visit to the dentist. The whirring of the dental drill, the prick of a needle, and the unease that often accompanies dental procedures make most of us apprehensive. Thankfully, groundbreaking innovations like laser dentistry have transformed the dental experience. This progressive dental approach utilizes focused light(laser) beams to treat dental conditions with minimal discomfort and reduced bleeding. Mackenzie Dental Centre proudly offers this state-of-the-art dental solution to decrease pain and improve your dental experience. 

Read on to discover why dentists in Vaughan prefer laser dentistry for improved patient outcomes. 

Dental Laser Procedures

laser dentistryUsed for both hard tissue and soft tissue procedures, laser dentistry is an incredibly versatile tool in the dental arsenal.

Standard laser procedures used by dentists in Vaughan include:

  • Precise cavity detection and removal, with targeted treatment & preservation of healthy tooth structure.
  • Shape gums and effectively remove bacteria during root canal procedures.
  • Lasers enhance and accelerate the bleaching process in teeth-whitening methods.
  • Help in treating gum disease by safely removing infected tissue.
  • Gingival soft-tissue contouring with lasers can help improve a “gummy” smile and facilitate smile makeovers.
  • Lasers enable gum reattachment without the need for the traditional scalpel and sutures.
  • Laser dentistry can safely address mouth lesions, benign oral tumours, and canker sores.
  • Oral surgeries like gum contouring & biopsy procedures can be performed with lasers for greater precision and faster healing times.

Dental Laser Advantages

  • Non-invasive lasers eliminate traditional dental drills and scalpels in most dental procedures reducing pain and decreasing reliance on anesthesia.
  • As lasers cauterize tissue, there’s minimal bleeding and swelling during dental treatments. Lasers also eliminate the need for dental sutures.
  • Lasers promote the preservation of healthy tooth structure during cavity removal.
  • Enhanced precision during surgery can reduce the risk of complications during dental surgeries and other treatments.
  • Sterilization of gums lowers the chances of infection.
  • Dental lasers offer a positive post-op experience with quick recovery as there are few open wounds. 
  • Lasers help alleviate anxiety associated with traditional dental excavation and drilling. It is especially suitable for children who are often scared and uncomfortable with dental drills and other oral care procedures.
  • Laser dentistry can be ideal for pacemaker and pregnancy cases.

Hard vs Soft Tissue Lasers 

Hard and soft tissue lasers play a vital role in different aspects of oral healthcare.

Hard tissue dental lasers are ideal for mineralized structures like teeth and bone. With their high water absorption capacity, hard tissue lasers can effectively cut through hard tissues while minimizing damage to surrounding areas. Dentists in Vaughan use them for cavity preparation, enamel etching, and bone reshaping. These lasers can eliminate the need for anesthesia and reduce the risk of overheating the tooth’s pulp.

Soft tissue lasers focus on delicate gum tissues and oral mucosa and are frequently utilized for gum contouring, periodontal therapy, cold sores, and treatment of oral lesions. Patients can benefit from precision surgery with lasers, reduced bleeding, and swelling. 

Laser Dentistry at Mackenzie Dental Centre in Woodbridge

Experience futuristic dental care with laser dentistry at Mackenzie Dental Centre! Our trusted team of dentists in Woodbridge, Vaughan proudly offers cutting-edge laser dentistry for precise treatments and safe, stress-free dental experiences. Discover a new paradigm in dental care with the comfort and convenience of Laser dentistry at Mackenzie Dental. Call now to discuss your laser dentistry options!

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