Dental Health Care For Children Should Start Young

For children of any age, a visit to the dentist in Vaughan can be a stressful experience. Even with suggestions from the Canadian Dental Association, parents still have a hard time managing. Needless to say, it would be great for every kid to have a “cavity free” childhood, but the best a parent can really do is to establish good strategies as early as possible. Dental professionals agree that dental health care should begin early – and many recommend that this should be around the first birthday.

Keeping in mind a preventive approach to oral health, a good strategy for children will focus on some long-term aims: creating good habits for day-to-day maintenance; preventing tooth decay; and averting the potential for future orthodontic problems. The fact is, with a good maintenance regime, and regular dental exams, optimum oral health care can be easily achieved. Add to that early education (and instruction), and parents have themselves a good foundation to build on.

Every child’s dental health status is going to be unique. And even today, there may come a time when a filling will be required.  Unlike adult patients, children have different sensitivities when it comes to treatment – that’s why it’s so important to have a clinic environment where a child can feel safe and secure and specific family dentists that work well with children. This is especially relevant because a dentist, along with the dental care team, is entering into quite a long-term relationship with the child and probably the entire family.

As children advance in age, there may well be a need for various treatments and/or procedures. Clearly, regular examinations, routine cleaning, and fluoride treatments will be part of the annual oral health care regimen. And in some situations, a child might need a dental appliance, in order to correct a specific condition. What’s important is to ensure that oral exams are comprehensive, with an emphasis on early diagnosis, and open communication between dentist and parent.

From time to time, there are circumstances when a child will have to undergo some sedation. For a child who has intense fear, sedation may be necessary so that the dental procedure will not be compromised. These are circumstances when Nitrous Oxide would be recommended - a sedation that has proven itself to be safe for children, with dosage based on age and weight. Here, the dental care team keeps a close eye on the child, and monitors the procedure very carefully.

Family Dentists in Woodbridge, Vaughan

At the Mackenzie Dental Centre, Dr. Lloyd Pedvis focuses on preventive dentistry for the whole family. For children, adolescents, or adults, the clinic encourages regular exams, and an emphasis on early diagnosis. Indeed, early diagnosis is absolutely essential to optimum health, particularly in identifying ailments early on. But overall, the best oral hygiene program begins at home, and at an early age - with day-to-day maintenance; a nourishing diet; and responsible lifestyle choices.

The Mackenzie team is highly trained and proficient in everything they do. Patients young and old will feel safe in the clinic environment, and are assured of the best treatment.




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