Dental Implants Offer A Big Before And After Difference

Losing a tooth (or teeth) can be the start of dental health problems for many years to come. It could create an unsightly gap between the teeth; it could affect a beautiful smile; and it could actually affect the ability to properly chew. Worse still, tooth loss can also lead to bone loss. The solution, of course, is to repair and restore the damage, and ensure long-term dental health.    best dental implants xray

Dental implants are designed to completely replace a lost tooth. Dental implants are surgical, and serve to connect a fabricated “replacement tooth” to the jaw. Professionally preformed, this type of procedure has excellent outcomes for the majority of patients. The big benefit is that dental implants feel quite natural and quite comfortable - much like the rest of the natural teeth.

Implants are designed and fabricated to look like other teeth. In fact, it’s sometimes impossible to see any difference. Naturally, patients consider the aesthetics of dental implants to be important, but there are additional benefits. Implants support the structure of the jaw when a natural tooth is missing. As well, implants will ensure a proper functioning of the natural “bite forces”.

From a technical view, an implant is a surgically imbedded “post” that replaces the root of a tooth in the jaw. That “post” will anchor a new “replacement tooth” that will eventually be installed. In general, implants are ideal for patients with healthy gums and with enough bone mass to ensure a successful operation. The surgery is quite painless, and the long-term results are excellent.

Patients who visit a dentist in Woodbridge on a regular basis are easy to diagnose when it comes to implants. An early diagnosis allows for a more immediate treatment plan and better results. In fact, with an early diagnosis, more serious treatments can often be avoided. But it’s important to understand that implant surgery is a step-by-step process, and gum tissue requires time to properly heal.

Once the artificial “replacement tooth” has been fabricated, it can be fastened to the “post” by the dentist. Finished dental implants are natural feeling and natural looking. In some circumstances, procedures can be more complex, particularly when multiple implants are required to repair and restore a certain condition. For the patient, however, there’s a big difference “before and after”.

Replace Missing Teeth with a Leading Dentist in Woodbridge

For residents of Woodbridge and Vaughan, the Mackenzie Dental Centre offers quality dentistry for the whole family – a comprehensive and personalized approach that is patient-focused. Dr. Lloyd Pedvis provides a host of dental services, from annual exams, to cosmetic dentistry, to dental implants, to professional cleaning. Patients can rest assured that they are in good hands.

Whether it’s routine or more involved, the clinic team at the Mackenzie Dental Centre can answer all manner of questions and concerns. Patients who wish to book an appointment with Dr. Lloyd Pedvis, can call the receptionist directly at 905-417-8700.




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