Some Good Reasons to Visit Your Dentist Office in Woodbridge 

Visiting the dentist on a regular basis is as important as a regular physical checkup. And as a means of prevention, visiting the dentist’s office every six months is an excellent opportunity for early diagnosis. The aim, of course, is to prevent big problems from arising down the line.

By having a reliable dentist office in Woodbridge, patients are assured of ongoing dental care througdentist office woodbridge dental carehout the year. And although visiting the dentist isn’t always “welcome”, it’s necessary and essential. Having a preventive approach to oral care means early diagnosis and treatment.

Teeth Whitening

More often than not, whitening teeth is for cosmetic reasons – to remove stains from foods; from beverages; from smoking; from injury; and even from medications. The fact is, no treatment makes teeth white like snow, but the team at the Mackenzie Dental Centre will make teeth as white as possible. What’s even more important is to diagnose if there are any underlying causes for tooth discoloration. Having a good dentist office in Woodbridge can be very helpful here.

Plaque and Tartar

Plaque is often difficult to remove - and when plaque becomes tartar, professional help is needed. At the Mackenzie dentist office in Woodbridge, a dental cleaning can do wonders in cleaning off plaque and tartar, and preventing potential cavities. Unattended, tartar can erode gum tissue, get infected, and turn gingivitis. Here again, early treatment is vital, so that gum disease does not ensue. With good dental care, both gingivitis and gum disease can be effectively prevented.

Jaw Pain and TMJ

Jaw pain, clicking, or popping, are all symptoms that need professional attention. With a thorough exam, and comprehensive X-Rays, jaw problems can be effectively diagnosed (including TMJ). With teeth grinding (also known as bruxism), whether it’s unconscious clenching, or grinding at night, there are treatment options. At the Mackenzie Dental Centre, Dr. Lloyd Pedvis can recommend a treatment plan that will address the jaw issue, while preventing future issues.

Sensitive Teeth

For some patients, sensitive teeth actually hurt when drinking hot or cold beverages. This could be the result of tooth decay, worn tooth enamel, exposed fillings, and even gum recession. The treatment, of course, will depend on the specific sensitivity, but whatever the case, there are always treatment options available. At his dentist office in Woodbridge, Dr. Pedvis will diagnose the condition, make some practical recommendations, and provide treatment as required.

Dental Services For Children

With kids dentistry, it’s important that they get comfortable with regular visits to the dentist. Dental professionals agree that dental health care can begin as early as the first birthday. For kids, the focus should be on creating good habits:  daily maintenance; averting tooth decay; and evading orthodontic issues. With a good oral care regime and regular dental visits, optimum oral health can be achieved. The important thing for parents is to set a good foundation and build on it.

As a local dentist office in Woodbridge, the Mackenzie Dental Centre offers a range of treatments and procedures for the whole family. Dr. Pedvis can be contacted directly at 905-417-8700 or by visiting the clinic contact page.




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