How to Properly Handle a Kid's Dental Emergency

Like it or not, every parent deals with a kid’s dental emergency at some point. And while no parent wants to receive that emergency call from the school or sports team, properly managing the situation brings the best results. To begin with, it’s important to assess a kid’s dental emergency at the source, and to determine if the hospital emergency room is the best course of action. Contacting the family dentist is equally important, as this will allow for an alternative option to the hospital.

Kid dental emergency vaughanWhichever adult is on-scene, it is important to apply an ice-cold compress to the injury or wound. Along with pressure, this immediate response will manage bleeding or swelling. Families who have a dentist that can handle a kid’s dental emergency are already at an advantage. These dentists will usually have after-hours services, as well as a specialty in emergency dentistry. In many cases, an emergency dentist is an excellent first step with any type of injury, as immediacy is critical for success.

In principal, it would be wise to choose a family dentist who offers emergency services. For a parent to be scrambling around for a dentist during a kid’s dental emergency is both stressful and impractical. With injuries to the teeth, gums, or mouth, there tends to be a lot of bleeding, and things often look worse than they are. With a capable dentist on hand, in-house x-rays can easily detect the extent of an injury, allowing for immediate treatment. This will also set the stage for follow-up treatment.

With chipped or broken teeth, treatment may vary with a child’s age – clearly, baby teeth will not likely be restored, since adult teeth will eventually grow into place. However, with any kid’s dental emergency, it’s essential to involve the family dentist. This will ensure that all damage or injury has been assessed, and there is no potential danger as the teeth grow and develop. With older children, a “knocked-out” tooth can actually be re-implanted if the dentist can act quickly (within two hours).

Emergency dentistry at Mackenzie Dental Centre

With active children, accidents and mishaps are bound to happen. When the teeth and gums are involved, early treatment brings about better outcomes. At the Mackenzie Dental Centre, Dr. Lloyd Pedvis provides emergency dentistry for the children in Vaughan Region. Whether it’s a sports injury or an accident at home, emergency dental care can make a big difference.

As an emergency dentist, Dr. Pedvis can quickly identify the source and extent of an injury, and assess any damage to the teeth and gums. Then, with immediate treatment, the situation can be stabilized, and follow-up care can be considered. Where necessary, Dr. Pedvis can refer patients for additional treatment, all depending on the magnitude of the injuries or wounds.

For parents who are considering a dentist that can manage a kid’s dental emergency, Dr. Pedvis can be reached directly at 905-417-8700. 




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