How to Handle Dental Emergencies: Tips from Dentists

Young or old, a dental emergency shouldn’t be ignored. Injuries to the mouth, teeth, or gums can sometimes be serious – so professional attention must be sought. For patients who need an emergency dentist in Vaughan, the Mackenzie Dental Centre can provide that urgent care.

Ignoring a dental emergency can be risky because of the potential for more damage. Worse still, more extensive (and expensive) treatment may be required. For patients in Woodbridge, dental issues should be diagnosed early, in order to avoid any bigger problems from developing.

A Simple Toothache

Toothaches emerge for many reasons – from lodged food, to cavities, to infection. And while you can get short-term relief, it’s highly recommended to seek a professional diagnosis from a dentist.

Chipped/Broken Tooth

With a chipped or broken tooth, broken pieces should be saved. If there is bleeding, gauze should be applied to stop the bleed. A cold compress can reduce swelling, but a dentist visit is essential.

Knocked Out Tooth

When a tooth is knocked out, the tooth should be preserved in a container of milk. An emergency dentist should provide immediate attention with the aim of returning the tooth into its socket.

An Extruded Tooth

If you have a “partially” dislodged tooth, your dentist has a good chance of providing a solution. Pain can be reduced with a cold compress (or a pain reliever) but professional attention is key.

Lodged Objects

Oftentimes, dental floss can be used to remove a lodged object between the teeth. It’s not a good idea to use something sharp to dislodge an object. The best option is to seek dental attention.

Lost Filling/Crown

For a lost filling or crown, there’s no better option than to see your dentist right away. There are pain relief solutions for the short term, but fillings and crowns require serious professional care.

Infectious Abscess

Abscesses occur in and around the root of a tooth (or between the teeth). It’s a serious condition that absolutely requires emergency dentist treatment. The immediacy of treatment is also critical.

Soft Tissue Injury

Soft tissue injuries may (or may not) include the teeth, cheeks, tongue, gums, and lips. Bleeding should be properly managed, but a dentist is required to assess the source and extent of the injury.

Choosing an Emergency Dentist in Vaughan   

For patients in Vaughan and Woodbridge, dental emergencies can cause undue worry and stress. The best approach is to choose an emergency dentist who can provide urgent care in the most reasonable timeframe. Dr. Lloyd Pedvis is an emergency dentist in Vaughan who manages all types of emergency situations – from a simple chipped tooth to a more serious sports injury.

At the Mackenzie Dental Centre, Dr. Pedvis also provides a wide range of general dentistry for the entire family. As the clinic now re-opens with new safety precautions, the dental team continues to provide dental exams, root canal treatments, and cosmetic procedures. For an appointment, call the clinic directly at 905-417-8700, or contact us online.




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