How to Know if You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Wisdom teeth removal is often daunting but essential in many cases. If you or a child of yours is between the ages of 16 to 20 or suffering from gum pain, it may be time to visit a dentist in Vaughan to assess the condition of your wisdom teeth. When you suspect that your wisdom teeth are emerging, don’t wait. Book an appointment at Mackenzie Dental Centre. If extraction is necessary, Dr. Pedvis and the team will ensure a safe and careful procedure that will keep your gums healthy. 

Here are signs that you may need wisdom teeth removal. If you experience any of these signs, book an appointment at a dentist near you in Vaughan. 

Gum Pain 

wisdom teeth removalA clear indication of wisdom teeth trouble is gum pain at the back of the mouth. As wisdom teeth attempt to emerge, they can cause the gums to become tender, swollen, and painful. Wisdom tooth pain is not the same in every patient. In more urgent cases, the pain is persistent and intense. It can often be described as pressure against the surface of the gums. This is usually the result of the tooth or teeth trying to break through, but it should not be ignored. If you cannot bear the pain in your gums, visit Mackenzie Dental Centre in Woodbridge, Vaughan, to see Dr.Pedvis about wisdom teeth removal. 

Jaw Aches & Headaches 

Many people are surprised to learn that the condition of their teeth and gums is linked to headaches and jaw aches. Pain in your gums can radiate to the jawbone very quickly. As the molar protrudes through the gums, it puts pressure on the teeth and jaw, increasing pain and discomfort. This pain may also be experienced as stiffness accompanying eating, talking, and even laughing. When wisdom teeth removal does not happen, some people notice that their jaws will “pop,” a sensation linked with tooth misalignment. To prevent any long-term damage, find out if you need wisdom teeth removal from a dentist in Vaughan. 

Infections & Redness

When wisdom teeth removal is not addressed promptly, the molars are more susceptible to infection. This can be for several reasons. Your wisdom teeth may not sprout correctly, or they may remain impacted. When your wisdom teeth emerge, an infection may be the result of improper cleaning. Because despite your best efforts, reaching the back of your mouth with floss or a toothbrush is a lot more of a challenge, which makes it easy to leave behind infection-inducing bacteria and food remnants. Red gums or a bad and persistent taste in the mouth is a sign that something is wrong. The unpleasant taste or bad breath results from bacteria releasing chemicals like sulphur and usually occurs even with a good oral hygiene regimen. 

Crowded Teeth 

Often, people just don’t have enough room in their mouths for their third molars. So, as they erupt, they crowd the mouth and displace other teeth. This presents as misaligned teeth and damage to any nearby teeth. The longer wisdom teeth push against your other teeth, the more it will affect your smile and bite. Dentists in Vaughan recommend wisdom teeth removal, in this case, to protect your teeth and prevent infection down the line. 

Have You Noticed These Signs? 

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