It's Important To Have An Emergency Dentist in Vaughan

By any definition, accidents and mishaps are unanticipated. In many cases, they can also be emergencies that require care and attention immediately. When it happens around the mouth and teeth, immediacy is vital for best outcomes. Patients looking for an emergency dentist in Vaughan will find a competent team of specialists at the Mackenzie Dental Centre.

At the Mackenzie Dental Centre, Dr. Lloyd Pedvis provides emergency dentistry for patients young and old. Whether it’s a tooth that’s gone “bad” because of neglect, or an unforeseen sports injury, the team at the Mackenzie Dental Centre can provide the immediate care that’s necessary. In fact, emergency care can be the difference between saving the teeth and not.

Dental emergencies happen for various reasons, and present with various symptoms. That’s why having an emergency dentist in Vaughan can be of great benefit. When pain is a symptom, emergencies can become debilitating. For some, a basic toothache might be an emergency, while for others, a broken or chipped tooth might be the reason.

Early Diagnosis Makes for Better Outcomes Down the Line

When required, it’s important to seek the services of an emergency dentist so that an accurate diagnosis can be made quickly. Dr. Lloyd Pedvis identifies the source of a patient’s problem, assesses the scope of damage, and begins an appropriate treatment.

Just by example, a tooth (or teeth) knocked out in a sports activity could have two possible consequences. With emergency treatment, that tooth (or teeth) could be “saved” and restored. On the flip side, if hours and hours go by, the option of “saving” that tooth (or teeth) is lessened.

For a patient who has a foreign object stuck somewhere in the teeth, an emergency response may not be of urgency, but immediate dental attention would still be recommended. Here again the goal is quick diagnosis and quick treatment – it will make for fewer problems overall.

For some patients, an emergency is about relieving unbearable pain as quickly as possible. This is particularly important for patient comfort, and will allow time for any follow up treatment to be planned.  Where necessary, patients can be referred for additional treatment.

Having An Emergency Dentist in Vaughan Is Advantageous 

Beyond the pain and discomfort of an emergency, patients are often anxious and worried about outcomes. At the Mackenzie Dental Centre, an emergency plan can be quickly initiated, clinic treatment can be started immediately, and hospital referral can be available.

Today, there are dentists who still debate the definition of a dental emergency. But for a patient in distress, the definition is irrelevant. What’s important is to attend to the patient in order to reduce pain, provide comfort, and make the best of a dreadful situation.

Without doubt, broken bridge-work or a crown would be an emergency. And while immediate care is necessary, this particular type of emergency may take some time for necessary repairs to be completed. But still, speedy reaction will make a difference in outcomes.

Whatever the dental emergency, response and treatment do not necessarily have to be provided by the regular family dentist. What’s most important is to receive treatment that is timely and responsive – and naturally from a dentist experienced with emergencies.

Dr. Lloyd Pedvis Is A Qualified Emergency Dentist In Vaughan

In addition to emergency dental services, the Mackenzie Dental Centre offers a range of other services – everything from routine exams, to cosmetic treatments, to restorative procedures. With advanced technology, the clinic is at the leading edge of modern dentistry.

Because every patient is distinctive, Dr. Pedvis provides a personalized approach to meet specific patient need. And it goes far beyond routine dental care. For some patients, it may encompass a more complex procedure like an implants, a root canal treatment, or dental reconstruction.

The Mackenzie Dental Centre is a different kind of clinic. The “spa-like” environment is relaxing – it’s something that can be quite important for adults and children who are anxious about visits to the dentist. And for younger kids, the KID-ZONE will easily keep them carefree and busy.

For patients who require some flexibility, the Mackenzie Dental Centre can offer extended hours, in addition to weekend clinic hours. This is especially relevant for those patients who require some extra flexibility – and of course, for unexpected emergencies and mishaps that require care.

Dr. Lloyd Pedvis, A Trusted Dentist in Vaughan

Dr. Pedvis graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at McGill University and attended the residency program at the University of Montreal. He spent a number of years of dental practice in Mississauga, and now practices full time in Vaughan and Woodbridge. Dr. Pedvis is a member of the ODA (Ontario Dental Association) and the CDA (Canadian Dental Association).

As an emergency dentist in Vaughan, Dr. Pedvis belongs to the Royal College of Dental Surgeons (Ontario). He also specializes in Moderate Sedation, which provides comfort to those patients who might suffer from anxiety when visiting the dentist. The clinic is equipped with the latest in medical technology, and advanced diagnostic tools.

For emergency dental care, the Mackenzie Dental Centre provides immediate care and attention for patients of every age. Dr. Pedvis makes every effort to deliver the most immediate care possible, and tries to best accommodate patients’ needs under the circumstances. Where follow-up treatment may be required, referrals are arranged.

Dental patients throughout the Region of Vaughan can trust the Mackenzie Dental Centre for high standards of care. The clinic is located at Major Mackenzie and Highway 400. There is ample parking for patients, and wheelchair access where required. Dr. Pedvis serves patients in Vaughan, Woodbridge, and the neighboring communities.

To book a personal appointment, or for additional information, patients can contact the clinic at 905-417-8700. More information about Dr. Pedvis and the clinic services contact us.




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