Improving Oral Hygiene with Regular Dental Health Services in Vaughan

Patients who receive regular dental health services from a dentist in Vaughan are doing it right - both for the short term and for the long term. The fact is, primary dental care and scheduled dental health services are simply integral to overall general health. With early diagnosis, it’s possible to treat conditions immediately and therefore avoid bigger, more serious problems.

Committing to regular dental health services ensures a more preventive approach to dental health. At the Mackenzie Dental Centre, our dentists in Woodbridge are all the preventive approach because it focuses on the basics: keeping the teeth and gums healthy; avoiding the proclivity for cavities; and diminishing the potential for gum disease. And while visits to the dentist are essential, so is daily maintenance.

Dr. Lloyd Pedvis and the clinic staff make every effort to educate patients about oral health, especially in terms of day-to-day care. This includes proper brushing and flossing; regular professional cleaning; and semi-annual clinic visits to ensure optimum dental health. As such, there are a host of routine dental health services at the Mackenzie Dental Centre in Vaughan.

Digital X-Rays

Today, digital x-rays identify tooth decay; dental abnormalities; and periodontal conditions. The digital approach is superior to conventional x-rays, with better imaging, and less radiation.

Cavity Detection

Using the DIAGNOdent technology, a dentist can accurately detect cavities, including those that are only emerging. This type of precise diagnosis allows for immediate cavity treatment.

Amalgam-Free Fillings

For patients who want “mercury-free” cavity fillings, composite fillings are used to restore a tooth. If required, conventional fillings can be removed and replaced with “mercury-free”.

Moderate Sedation

Moderate Sedation is the ideal option for anxious patients. With this type of sedation, patients remain awake, but do not feel any pain or discomfort during a specific dental procedure.

Dental Veneers

Where teeth are damaged or seriously decayed, dental veneers are applied to improve the appearance. Veneers (porcelain or composite) are designed to fit over a tooth (or teeth).

Emergency Care

Accidents and emergencies are usually unexpected and unwelcome. With these types of situations, Dr. Pedvis and the clinic team offer the best possible care, in a timely manner.

“Wand” Anaesthesia

“Wand” anaesthesia is less stressful for many patients than a syringe. Overall numbness is reduced and patients do not experience the usual discomfort of a numbed-out mouth.

Crowns and Bridges

Depending on the condition, crowns and bridges are used for both restorative purposes and aesthetic appearance.  Dr. Pedvis will recommend an approach that best suits the need.

Dental Implants

In some situations, a dental implant is necessary to replace a natural tooth that is seriously damaged. Dental implants are surgical, providing superb results, and feeling totally natural.

The Mackenzie Dental Centre offers a wide range of dental health services in Vaughan for the entire family. From general dentistry, to cosmetic procedures, to emergency care, the dental team provides personalized treatment to suit the individual patient. To book an initial appointment with Dr. Lloyd Pedvis call 905-417-8700. For more information about the clinic, contact us.




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