Is Removal of All 4 Wisdom Teeth Necessary

While there’s no proof that wisdom teeth provide ‘wisdom,’ they are accompanied by some very real pain and discomfort. These last-stage third molars erupt at the back of our mouth, and their removal is now almost standard procedure. However, a critical question remains–Is removing all four wisdom teeth necessary? It’s best to consult a trusted dentist to discuss wisdom teeth removal in Woodbridge. And before you start your search for a dentist near you read this informative blog by the experts at Mackenzie Dental Centre!  

Why Remove Wisdom Teeth

Is Removal of All 4 Wisdom Teeth NecessaryHealthy, fully erupted, and correctly positioned wisdom teeth need not be extracted. However, these are rare cases, and studies show that dentists suggest wisdom teeth removal in a staggering 80% of patients! While wisdom teeth may erupt fully, they can trigger overcrowding and misalignment of surrounding teeth. They’re also difficult to clean as they are positioned at the very back of your mouth. This increases the risk of infections, cavities, gum diseases, and cysts.

You may also have impacted half-erupted wisdom teeth that have not broken through the gums. They can grow at an angle, causing pain, infection, cavities, and swelling. In the worst cases, wisdom teeth damage nearby teeth and cause jaw misalignment, sinusitis, and tumours. 

Alternatives to Removing Wisdom Teeth

While you may want to only remove problematic wisdom teeth, dentists recommend complete wisdom teeth removal in Woodbridge. This is because wisdom teeth cause complications for most people in the long term. If you only extract specific wisdom teeth, you’ll need constant monitoring and regular follow-ups with a qualified dentist near you for the remaining wisdom teeth.

Removing Wisdom Teeth

Your oral surgeon will first conduct a comprehensive dental examination. Pre-operative preparations and assessment may include dental X-rays or an orthopantomogram(OPG) for a panoramic view of the complete jaw and exact teeth position. Your dentist will then recommend the number of teeth and the most suitable extraction methods. He’ll also guide you on appropriate anaesthesia options. These include local anaesthesia, general anaesthesia, or IV (Intravenous) sedation. Post-surgery, you must diligently follow specific guidelines for pain management, swelling, and bleeding. 

Though some people remain unaffected by wisdom teeth problems until their thirties, post-surgery recovery is better when you’re younger. The jawbones also become rigid with age, making the extraction more challenging. So, it’s ideal to get this surgery in young adulthood, when your wisdom teeth are still healthy and pliable. It’s also more cost-effective to remove all four teeth together. 

Wisdom Teeth Removal at Mackenzie Dental Centre 

Wisdom teeth removal in Woodbridge is common enough, but any surgery is a critical decision. That’s why you must consult a qualified dentist near you that you trust completely. The Mackenzie Dental team, led by Dr. Lloyd Pedvis, strives to provide personalised care and attention to our patients. Discuss your wisdom teeth issues with our experienced dentists to find the most suitable extraction option. We’ll work with you to tailor a treatment plan that aligns with your schedule and requirements. Regular dental check-ups are non-negotiable, so be wise and monitor your wisdom teeth journey with reliable oral surgeons and dentists in Woodbridge! Reach out to us about your wisdom teeth or schedule a comprehensive consultation. Mackenzie Dental Centre is there for you throughout your oral health journey!

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