Understanding Some of the Myths About Dental Implants

Dental implants have been successfully used in patients since the early 1970s. And with technical advances, the procedure is now widely used, having become the “gold standard” when replacing missing teeth. Unfortunately, there are myths about dental implants, and many patients remain misinformed. All things considered, dental implants are an excellent treatment option for many.

Dental implants are an expensive treatment

Although the upfront cost of a dental implant might be higher than some other options, the long-term outcomes actually make the procedure quite cost effective. The truth is, dental implants do have a longer lifespan than many other procedures. Additionally, the future benefits of implants outperform other options. Indeed, long-term oral health is enhanced, because implants substitute much of the natural function of the teeth, thus minimizing future bone deterioration and/or loss. Unlike other dental procedures, a dental implant can last a lifetime – it makes for a cost-effective investment when amortized over the lifespan of a patient.

Dental implants are a painful oral surgery

Dental implants do involve oral surgery, but no better or worse than other procedures. Pain and discomfort is well managed, and Sedation Dentistry can ensure a relaxed, pain-free experience. If required, prescription painkillers can be administered for a few days, but most patients are back to normal in less than a week. Clearly, healing time varies from patient to patient, also depending on overall health. But in all cases, extended healing time is required for the implant to bond to the jawbone, and to “become” part of the natural tooth structure. Like any medical procedure, dental implants require routine monitoring by the dental team.

Implants are solely for those in good health

For best outcomes, a patient must have healthy bone in order to support a dental implant. At the same time, patients with bone loss can overcome this with a bone graft. As for other conditions, like high blood pressure or diabetes, these can complicate any medical surgery, not only dental implants. However, unless there is a serious health risk, these types of medical conditions do not preclude a patient from having implant surgery. Needless to say, patients with gum disease or other serious conditions will require proper treatment prior to having any implant procedure. And statistically, dental implants are 98% successful with an experienced dentist in Woodbridge.

Dental Implant Dentist in Woodbridge

This is true (in part) because a licensed and accredited dentist is allowed to surgically insert a dental implant. But more importantly, not every dentist is trained in surgical implantation, and surgical proficiency is absolutely a pre-requisite for treatment success. At the Mackenzie Dental Centre, Dr. Lloyd Pedvis and his team are trained, qualified, and skilled in dental implantation. Employing high-tech instruments, and advanced treatment protocols, Dr. Pedvis places patient health at the forefront of every procedure. Overall, the Mackenzie Dental Centre emphasizes a preventive approach to dental health, and a focus on early diagnosis of dental health issues. With accurate diagnosis, effective treatment plans can be initiated with a view to long term success.




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