Should I Get Laser Dentistry?

laser dentistryLaser dentistry has been in use for a couple of decades throughout North America. It’s used to treat a variety of dental problems and constitutes an alternative to conventional treatments. This procedure shouldn’t be confused with lasers that are used to relieve pain and/or inflammation.

Today, laser dentistry is used to remove decay, and to prepare a tooth for filling. Lasers can also be used to effectively reshape gums and to eliminate bacteria prior to an invasive procedure. In some cases, lasers can also be used to remove lesions and relieve pain caused by cankers.

Understanding How Laser Dentistry Works

In general, lasers deliver their energy in the form of “light energy”. When it comes to surgical or dental procedures, lasers act as a cutting tool to “vaporize” tissue. In some procedures (like teeth-whitening) the laser provides a heat source that enhances the tooth’s bleaching agent.

Laser procedures fall into two categories:  hard tissue and soft tissue. Hard tissue entails the teeth while soft tissue entails the gums. Often, anesthetic and drilling aren’t needed when laser treatment is used. As well, laser treatment can be less expensive than conventional treatment.

The Pros and Cons of Laser Dentistry

For certain patients, lasers offer a more comfortable treatment compared to conventional approaches. This is especially true for procedures that make use of drills and other dental tools.

Lasers can also make treatments more efficient and cost-effective, a benefit to the patient.

The Advantages

  • For some patients, there is less pain experienced
  • Oftentimes, there isn’t a need for any anesthetic
  • Soft tissue bleeding and swelling are minimized
  • Laser treatments are very focused and localized

The Disadvantages

  • Lasers cannot shape a filling or adjust one’s bite
  • Lasers can't be used to fill cavities between teeth
  • Lasers aren’t effective in preparing for bridgework
  • Laser treatments can sometimes be more costly

Some of the Common Laser Procedures and Treatments

While laser treatments pose few health risks, it’s important to find a qualified professional who is experienced with the technology. Patients looking for a laser dentist in Vaughan can contact Dr. Lloyd Pedvis at the Mackenzie Dental Centre to learn more about this new technology.

Dr. Pedvis does not “push” laser treatments needlessly, but will recommend the procedure when suitable. The truth is, many dental issues can be effectively treated with laser technology while offering patients more comfort (and less anxiety). The key is professional treatment.

  • Reshaping gum tissue to correct the characteristic “gummy smile”
  • Correcting soft tissue folds from ill-fitted dentures (without sutures)
  • Removing benign tumours from the palate, gums, lips, and cheeks
  • Treating sleep apnea by correcting tissue overgrowth in the throat
  • Treating cold sores by minimizing the healing time and reducing pain
  • Speeding up “bleaching” when undergoing a teeth-whitening process

As an experienced laser dentist in Vaughan, Dr. Pedvis offers patients professional services in a safe and hygienic clinic environment. Right now, the Mackenzie Dental Centre is open for post-COVID treatments and procedures, and with safety precautions to protect patients and staff. Find out more by calling 905-417-8700 or visit our clinic website at




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