For Those Who Play Sports - Don't Forget the Mouth Wear!

Protecting the mouth and teeth should not go unrecognized, especially while playing sports. This is much more than just oral hygiene - it’s about properly taking care of the mouth and teeth. And today, lifestyles are far more active than in years gone by. So much is going on - from bike riding, to racquet sports, to a wide range of so-called contact sports. What it all means is that with more activity there’s much more risk for injury. Protection and precaution just makes sense.

In many organized sports, safety rules have already incorporated specific safety equipment, like helmets, facemasks, and various body protections. However, when it comes to the mouth or teeth it seems that individual responsibility is the key to protection. At the Mackenzie Dental Centre, our dentists in Woodbridge all say the most effective way to protect the mouth and teeth has proven to be Under Armour Mouth Wear. This line of mouth-wear is available for all age groups, and is suitable for all sports.

Under Armour Performance Mouth Wear offers numerous benefits: protection around the mouth, lips, and teeth; maximized airflow while engaged in activity; and prevention of teeth clenching. Unlike off-the-shelf protective appliances, the Under Armour product is custom-fitted.  For use in non-contact sports (running or weights), the ArmourBite® Mouthpiece allows the jaw to move around naturally. This mouthpiece optimizes air intake, allowing for enhanced performance.

For contact sports, the ArmourBite® Mouthguard keeps the teeth properly aligned, and prevents the negative consequences of tooth clenching. The mouthguard is customized to fit, and provides natural comfort, while allowing for regular breathing and talking. The ArmourFit™ Mouthguard is also designed for various contact sports, and is more of a “dentist-designed” appliance. It will provide excellent protection, without compromising any performance (easy to breathe and talk).

Under Armour Performance Mouth Wear is ideal for any sport, from basketball, to martial arts, to wrestling, to hockey and soccer. And whatever appliance is chosen, athletes can rest assured that the teeth are well cushioned, the mouth is well protected, and the jaw is well shielded. The team at the Mackenzie Dental Centre will recommend the product option that will best suit the patient. With a perfect fit, and optimum comfort, maximum protection is assured with every appliance.

Best of all, Under Armour products come with a Guarantee Of Performance. It means that every product is guaranteed for long-term performance. And while off-the-shelf mouth-guards might be a less expensive option, it’s important for patients to understand that these offer nothing more than basic mouth protection. With Under Armour, mouth wear is professionally crafted, custom designed, and installed to fit by dental practitioners who are knowledgeable with the product.

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