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Steps to Follow When Experiencing Knocked out Teeth

Posted on August 04, 2023

In many cases, it can be difficult to avoid accidents. These unintentional mishaps can cause severe pain and discomfort from injuries like knocked-out teeth. It's normal to panic in situations like these, but there is no need to worry. Call Mackenzie Dental, a dentist in Vaughan available for 24/7 help. Always have a contact for emergency dental in Vaughan to be prepared for any accident. Whether it's from a fall or playing sports, here are crucial steps to take when dealing with knocked-out teeth. 

Step 1: Find the Tooth

dentist in VaughanOnce the accident occurs, it's essential to find the missing tooth. If it is still salvageable, it has the potential for reimplantation. However, if it's a baby tooth, it is unnecessary to keep it for salvation. In terms of the state of the mouth, apply a piece of gauze to the injured area to control the bleeding. 

Step 2: Call Your Emergency Dentist

Whether your dentist provides emergency services or you have an emergency dentist on speed dial, call them as soon as the accident occurs. They will assist in providing the best possible care and advice over the phone. If they cannot provide emergency dental care in Vaughan at that time, seek help at the nearest emergency room. Ensure that you take the tooth with you. 

Step 3: Storing the Tooth

Once the loose tooth is found, rinse it off by holding it by the crown to rid it of bacteria and dirt. Don't touch the tooth's root or scratch at it; it should be in the same state and shape as it came out for easy reinsertion. Once cleaned off, the best method of storing the tooth in transportation to the dentist in Vaughan is back in the original socket. It may stick out, but to keep it in place, bite on some gauze and stabilize the tooth with your finger if needed. If the injured individual is uncomfortable sticking it back into the socket, place the tooth in milk. If no milk is available, place the tooth in plain tap water. 

Step 4: Things to Avoid

It's important to handle this process with extreme care. If done incorrectly, you can risk the chance to restore your smile. In cases where you cannot, dental implants can be an alternative solution. To keep your chances at restoration, avoid the following:

  • Touching the root of the tooth
  • Scrubbing the tooth
  • Wrapping the tooth in a tissue
  • Abrupt motions

Sensitivity in the mouth area and adrenaline will be heightened, so ensure there is someone with you (if you are the injured one) or be the one to assist. 

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