Symptoms You Need to See a Root Canal Dentist

The words ‘root canal treatment’ or RCT can trigger apprehension and fear in most of us. However, a root canal treatment is a necessary tooth-saving procedure performed by a root canal dentist. This dental emergency treatment involves cleaning out infected internal ‘canals’ of your tooth, which extend into its roots. Unfortunately, root canal treatments carry an outdated and unfair reputation for being extremely painful. In reality, advances in dentistry and anesthetics have ensured that root canal procedures are almost painless. Symptoms of a root canal are usually noticeable, like severe toothache or extreme tooth decay. Sometimes, an experienced root canal dentist can spot one in the early stages during your routine check-up.

Here are some common symptoms and signs that indicate you might require root canal therapy. 

Swelling and Pain in Gums Around a Tooth

root canal dentistPainful swelling in the gum area around the base of a tooth is a sign of a dental emergency. Swelling in the gums, jaw and side of the face is a common sign of a tooth infection. If it’s accompanied by pain, the condition may have spread to the roots and requires an RCT and an antibiotics course.

Chipped Or Cracked Tooth

One can often crack or chip a tooth in an accident or by biting down on something hard. Sadly, even the slightest chip or crack can allow harmful bacteria inside your tooth to cause infection and decay. Immediate dental attention to a cracked or chipped tooth can help stem the damage and prevent extreme tooth decay and visits to a root canal dentist. 

Sensitivity To Heat or Cold

Painful sensitivity while eating/ drinking anything hot or cold could be a possible symptom of nerve damage within the teeth. If the pain lingers, it’s a surefire sign that you may require root canal therapy. 

Dark Discoloration

If you notice dark-coloured discolouration in your tooth, it indicates extreme tooth decay. While tooth discolouration can result from a host of factors such as poor oral hygiene, staining from nicotine, tea, or coffee, and other such items. However, black or grey-coloured discolouration generally indicates tooth decay with significant nerve damage. The delicate tooth pulp can become discoloured due to infection in the nerves. 

Dental Abscess 

A pimple-like bump or sore on the gum is called a dental abscess and indicates a severe infection in the underlying nerves and arteries. This causes deep pus pockets around the root of the infected tooth. Dental abscesses can be incredibly painful and are often accompanied by other symptoms like fever, swollen gums, jaw, & lymph nodes. An abscess is a dental emergency and requires immediate root canal treatment.

Severe & Persistent Toothache 

Excruciating and persistent tooth pain are among the most common signs indicating the need for root canal therapy. This pain is due to decay and damage to sensitive nerves in the tooth pulp. It can be persistent tooth pain or a continuous throb that worsens while lying down, eating or putting any pressure on the tooth. 

Save Your Tooth with Root Canal Treatment at Mackenzie Dental

Ignoring an infected or decayed tooth can have more painful consequences than a tooth-saving root canal procedure. Mackenzie Dental Centre provides comprehensive oral care, including professional root canal treatments, implants, veneers, teeth whitening, dental examinations, and other dental emergencies. Dr. Pedvis and his team are ever-attentive to your needs, focusing on early diagnosis and solution-oriented treatment plans.

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