The Link Between Dental Health and Heart Health

Did you know that simply brushing your teeth can have a cascading effect beyond your pearly whites? There’s a surprising hidden connection between seemingly unrelated parts of our body—our teeth and our heart! Though we think oral health is confined to our mouths, emerging research links it to profound implications for our cardiovascular system. Mackenzie Dental, your trusted family dentist in Vaughan, unravels the fascinating mouth-heart connection to health!

Poor Dental Health And The Bacterial Route to Heart Disease

The Link Between Dental Health and Heart HealthThe state of our oral health can signal broader systemic issues. Cavities and gum disease have deeper linkages to our hearts. Our mouth has its own bacterial environment that’s both beneficial and harmful. The beneficial bacteria aid digestion, but neglecting dental hygiene gives rise to the dangerous bacteria variety—the dreaded ‘Streptococcus ’ and ‘Porphyromonas gingivalis.’ A high proportion of these bacteria can lead to oral infections, causing periodontal disease and gingivitis.

When plaque(the sticky, icky bacteria film) accumulates on our teeth, dental decay, cavities, and gum disease follow. During the early stages, it causes swollen and bleeding gums(gingivitis). Unfortunately, the increased bacteria travel through the bloodstream and find their way into the heart, triggering inflammation within the arteries. So, one finds that gum disease and heart disease are intertwined—and that bad oral health increases the possibility of cardiovascular disease. So, don’t take those caries and gum diseases lightly—regular visits to a reputed dental clinic in Vaughan are a must!

Heart-Healthy Smiles With Correct Oral Care

A deeper understanding of the mouth-heart connection can help us take purposeful steps to safeguard our smiles—and hearts. And it begins with basic dental hygiene—brushing and flossing! Be diligent about brushing to remove plaque and bacteria. This prevents dental problems and reduces the risk of bacterial infiltration into our bloodstream. Getting your teeth cleaned professionally by your family dentist in Vaughan is also helpful.

Of course, stay away from binging on processed or extremely sugary foods. These fuel bacterial growth and inflammation, thus laying the groundwork for dental decay and heart problems. 

Ensure Dental Check-Ups

Quarterly or bi-annual dental check-ups at a reliable dental clinic in Vaughan are your ally in the quest for oral and heart health. Our skilled dentists at Mackenzie Dental Clinic in Vaughan can spot early signs of gum disease. Timely treatment and individualized care will keep your smile—and your heart—healthy and vibrant!

Additional Ways To Protect Heart Health

Lifestyle habits like exercise and diet are another positive stride toward holistic health. 

  • Regular exercise strengthens our cardiovascular system and boosts circulation by enhancing the supply of essential nutrients and oxygen to our teeth and gums. Keep fit by sweating it out at the gym—lower stress levels are a bonus!
  • A heart-healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, calcium, and lean proteins nourishes the body and the teeth. Protect your heart and health, quit smoking and drinking, or reduce them. 
  • Nurture wellness from the inside out with meditation, yoga, or simply taking time to unwind and renew. 
  • Managing diabetes and high blood pressure is also essential for preserving your heart. 

Toward Holistic Oral & Heart Health

Undoubtedly, the connection between the mouth and heart is a surprising revelation. Each time we brush and floss, attend a check-up at a dental clinic in Vaughan, and choose a healthy lifestyle—we’re nurturing our smiles and nourishing our hearts! Now that you know the fascinating interconnectedness of your mouth and heart, it’s time to schedule a visit to Mackenzie Dental Clinic, your trusted family dentist in Vaughan. 

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