Tips to Help Your Kids Get Over Their Fear of Dentists

Just like going to a physician, visiting a dentist in Woodbridge is important for the health and growth of children. Many oral and dental ailments can affect youth, starting from infancy all the way to adolescence and adulthood. Unfortunately, many kids are afraid to visit their family dentist in Woodbridge. At Mackenzie Dental Centre, we do our best to accommodate and manage dental anxiety. Our dental clinic in Woodbridge, Vaughan, features kid-friendly zones, and our team has a positive and welcoming attitude. 

Here are some tips to help get your kids more comfortable at the dentist.

Visit at a Young Age

family dentist WoodbridgeIf you start taking your kids early on as a toddler, dentist appointments will feel familiar and become less daunting. As they get to know the environment, become comfortable with the atmosphere, and learn more about the dental team, much of the anxiety associated with your dentists in Woodbridge will fade. 

Teach Oral Hygiene 

When you’re at home, share information about dental hygiene. By understanding the importance of clean teeth and healthy gums, your kids will feel more inclined to go to the dentist. And they will also feel more accomplished after visiting their family dentist in Woodbridge. In some cases, you’ll find that kids look forward to their upcoming dental appointments. You can teach your children about the value of dental care in many ways, but it could be as simple as brushing your teeth together and instilling a small but nightly hygiene routine. 

Find a Family Dentist in Woodbridge 

A lot of the dental experience depends on the dental team. If your kids find themselves in a situation with a dentist in Woodbridge that is too harsh or ignores their concerns and questions, that animosity will heighten anxiety about the dentist. Instead, read reviews and book consultations to find a family dentist in Woodbridge you and your children can trust. At Mackenzie Dental Centre, we know that dentistry comes with some tough feelings, so we do our best to accommodate. Our team also specializes in dental care for all ages, children included. 

Pretend Play Dentist with Your Kids

What kids don’t love imaginary playtime? Some plastic dental props and a fake visit to the dentist at home can improve how your child views going to a family dentist in Woodbridge. You can take turns being the dentist, making it feel fun rather than scary. With the instruments in the hands of someone your child trusts (you!), you’ll likely find that they will be better prepared to let their guard down with an actual dentist. 

Don’t Psych Them Out

Especially as your children get a little older, around 5 years old, dental horror stories can scare them into not wanting to return. At Mackenzie Denta Centre, we pride ourselves on strategic and patient-oriented care, but many people have different experiences at the dentist in Woodbridge. Telling your kids about these experiences has a tendency to increase anxiety. It’s often best to just share with your kids that you’re all going to the dentist and that it’s going to be fun without too much detail. 

Contact the Mackenzie Dental Team directly to learn more about family dentistry and dental work for kids. 

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