Tooth Replacement in Vaughan

For patients who require tooth replacement in Vaughan Region, Dr. Lloyd Pedvis, an experienced dentist in Woodbridge, provides expert dentistry with restorative, cosmetic, and implant procedures. Missing teeth (if left unattended) are a potential health risk – and whether there’s one or more, they need to be replaced and restored. Here, it’s in every patient’s interest to seek professional advice and dental care in order to prevent bigger problems from developing down the line. Early treatment delivers results.

Vaughan Tooth ReplacementThere are many reasons why teeth should be replaced

When missing teeth are not replaced, a number of conditions could develop - none of which is good for patients, and all of which could be avoided with proper dental treatment. In many cases, a dental implant is an ideal solution for effective, long lasting results. Unfortunately, if left untreated, missing teeth could be the start of problems that would be challenging going forward.

Tooth shifting is a result of surrounding teeth drifting into an open gap, causing good teeth to shift completely out of alignment.

TMJ syndrome can be caused when the jaw does not meet properly - because of the missing teeth, the jaw joint gets strained.

Tooth decay is exacerbated when teeth are out of alignment, mainly because it’s harder to brush and floss some of the areas.

Face shape can be altered when teeth are missing, and when bone begins to deteriorate – it tends to change facial appearance.

Single tooth replacement at the Mackenzie Dental Centre

For patients who may require tooth replacement in Vaughan, a single dental implant can replace both the lost tooth and the root. A dental implant has several advantages over other options. It looks and feels like a natural tooth. It doesn’t compromise the health of any adjacent teeth. And finally, because the tooth root is also replaced, the jawbone is better preserved for the long term.

A dental implant actually integrates into the jawbone, keeping everything healthy and intact. As for the long term, a single implant is much easier to maintain day-to-day than other options. And while some patients may consider a bridge, there are a number of disadvantages with this option.

In short, a dental implant is aesthetically appealing, totally functional, and very comfortable.

Explore Your Tooth Replacement Options with a Dentist in Vaughan

Where a patient is missing several teeth, Dr. Pedvis recommends an implant-supported bridge as a viable option for tooth replacement in Vaughan. This type of bridge is superior to a fixed bridge or denture. The beauty of implants is that they look, function, and feel like natural teeth. In fact, an implant-supported bridge replaces teeth without any support from the adjacent teeth.

Implant-supported bridges also replace some tooth roots, which means that the jawbone is better preserved for the long term. This cannot be said for other replacement options. More important, implants integrate into the jawbone, which ensures bone stability and health. For patients with multiple missing teeth, an implant bridge would be the ideal tooth replacement in Vaughan.

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