Treatments You Can Get with Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry has emerged as a revolutionary technique in the ever-evolving landscape of dental care. Precise, painless treatment, faster healing, reduced bleeding, and the ability to manage dental anxiety have made laser dentistry the chosen option for most. Laser’s proficiency in incisions and gum tissue removal has streamlined the process and visibility for dentists, particularly gum reshaping. Specific lasers like Er: YAG may eliminate anesthesia requirements and minimize potential dangers by preventing overheating of the pulp. At Mackenzie Dental Centre, your trusted dental clinic in Woodbridge, our dedicated team of dentists harnesses the power of laser dentistry to provide cutting-edge soft tissue procedures. Here are some transformative laser treatments from Mackenzie Dental Centre. 

Laser Dentistry for Fillings

Treatments You Can Get with Laser DentistryTraditional dental treatments like fillings and root canals often invoke images of discomfort and prolonged recovery. Thankfully, the technological marvel of laser dentistry offers a safe drill and anesthetic alternative. The precision and efficiency of dental lasers provide increased patient comfort and quicker healing compared to alternative or traditional methods. As the foremost dental clinic in Woodbridge, Mackenzie Dental Centre offers advanced laser dentistry options for precise, pain-free fillings and removal of decayed tooth material. Lasers also minimize damage to the surrounding healthy tooth structure, resulting in faster healing times. This translates to a quicker return to your daily activities minus lingering discomfort associated with conventional filling procedures.

Laser Dentistry & Root Canals

Root canals are notorious for their intimidating reputation. However, laser dentistry has streamlined root canal procedures into a minimally invasive and patient-friendly process. Laser precision allows dentists to target infected tissues with unparalleled accuracy. This ensures a more thorough cleaning of the root canal system, effectively eliminating bacteria while minimizing patient discomfort. Lasers eliminate the dreaded dental drills and anesthesia, enhancing patient comfort and reducing sensitivity after root canals. Laser-assisted root canals at Mackenzie Dental Centre promote faster healing, reduced post-operative pain, and a more positive overall experience for our valued patients. 

Laser Dentistry for Biopsies & Growth Removal

Beyond traditional dental procedures, laser dentistry has proved invaluable in soft tissue surgeries like biopsies and growth removals. Mackenzie Dental’s skilled team utilizes laser technology for abnormal growth removal and performs biopsies with minimal invasiveness. The advantages are manifold–reduced bleeding, quicker recovery times, and enhanced precision in targeting affected areas. You can rest assured that Mackenzie Dental Centre prioritizes your well-being and comfort with the efficacy of cutting-edge laser treatments.

Other Treatments

Mackenzie Dental also employs these versatile dental lasers to address other oral issues like eliminating mouth lesions and canker sores. Lasers enhance muscle attachments, aid nerve regeneration, and treat sleep apnea. Cosmetic dental lasers at Mackenzie Dental optimize the effectiveness of whitening agents, ensuring a safe and efficient approach to a brighter smile.

Get the Laser Advantage at Mackenzie Dental Centre

Mackenzie Dental Centre remains committed to providing state-of-the-art treatments that prioritize your comfort and well-being. With our pioneering approach towards oral care, Laser dentistry has become an integral part of our practice. Whether you require fillings, root canals, or soft tissue surgeries like biopsies and growth removals, our expert team under Dr. Lloyd Pedvis stands ready to deliver exceptional care. As the premier dental clinic in Woodbridge, we possess the expertise to responsibly and safely administer laser therapy. Experience the myriad benefits of laser dentistry at Mackenzie Dental Centre–where precision meets compassion!

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