A Better Understanding of Laser Dentistry

With so many technology advances in the dentist’s office, laser dentistry may already be commonplace for some patients. It has become a very effective approach with many dental procedures, allowing for the treatment of very specific areas of the mouth, without the potential to damage surrounding tissue. Whether it’s gum related or tooth related, laser dentistry is both safe and comfortable, and particularly well suited for patients who might be more anxious than average. Best of all, the technology used by your dentist in Woodbridge provides patients with more precision treatments, less associated pain, and much improved recovery time.

With soft tissue lasers, some dental procedures don’t even require stitches after the treatment. As well, some laser procedures don’t require anesthetic. Laser dentistry has also proven to minimize bleeding, because clotting is aided, and therefore blood loss is reduced. Quite importantly, bacterial infections are diminished because the laser beam actually sterilizes the treatment area. And finally, there is less damage to surrounding tissue, which allows for faster healing times. For the dentist in dentist, laser technology has set the stage for performing a number of dental procedures that were previously unavailable.

Laser dentistry at the Mackenzie Dental Centre

At the Mackenzie Dental Centre, Dr. Lloyd Pedvis uses the Sirona SIROLaser® as the clinic’s technology of choice. With excellent patient results, the technology is very versatile, and is used in a wide range of procedures – everything from endodontic procedures, to periodontic treatments, to cosmetic dentistry. For patients with higher-than-typical dental anxiety, laser dentistry allows for a far less stressful visit to the dentist. And for other patients, both young and old, the benefits are far reaching:

  • The prevalence and buildup of bacteria is much reduced
  • Many procedures can be performed without anesthetic
  • Post-operative pain and scarring is noticeably lessened
  • Often without the need for any stitches, healing is faster
  • Many dental procedures and treatments take less time
  • Recovery is much improved with less swelling/bleeding
  • The Sirona SIROLaser® poses much less risk of infection 

Like so many medical advancements, the Sirona SIROLaser® has radically enhanced practically every aspects of a dentist’s practice, while providing excellent post-procedure results for every patient.

Leading Dental Clinics in Woodbridge for Laser Dentistry

At the Mackenzie Dental Centre, patients from Vaughan, Woodbridge, and Maple are offered state-of-the-art dental health care in a clinic atmosphere that is both relaxing and comfortable. Even patients with bouts of dental anxiety will feel at ease. Dr. Pedvis offers a full range of oral care services for the entire family: routine examinations; tooth cleaning and teeth whitening; cosmetic dental procedures; and more invasive surgery such as root canal treatment. Every patient can feel assured of high quality care.

Dr. Pedvis is a member of the Ontario Dental Association and Canadian Dental Association. He is also a member of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, keeping abreast of advancements in dental technologies and procedures. The Mackenzie dental team is also notable - dental professionals who are highly skilled in everything they do, with a focus on the highest standard of oral care for every patient.




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