What to Expect When You Visit a Dentist for Kids in Woodbridge

If you’re thinking of sending your kids to the dentist for the first time, and you’re looking for a dentist for kids in Woodbridge, the Mackenzie Dental Centre offers a wide range of services. Dr. Lloyd Pedvis is your local family dentist, providing a stress free experience for young children.

Many parents wonder what age should a child go to the dentist? We generally follow the recommendations from the Canadian Dental Association, who suggest a visit when the first teeth grow in. It’s a simple assessment but a good opportunity to familiarize yourself with the dentist.

Good Reasons to Visit a Dentist for Kids in Woodbridge

Good oral habits for kids | Children Dentistry | WoodbridgeWhile many of us might resist a visit to the dentist, we know that regular, professional oral care is essential in protecting our teeth and preventing problems. For parents, regular dental care for their children should become routine – and a good dentist will make a big difference long term.

Teaching Children Good Oral Habits

Regular visits to the dentist will instil good oral care habits for children of all ages. Your child will learn early how to care for their teeth, and how to properly floss and brush. By practicing oral health care skills at an early age, your child will begin that lifelong journey of good oral health.

Catching Problems at an Early Stage

Regular visits to the dentist are all about prevention. This is where issues can be identified early and prevented from getting worse. Small cavities, for example, are far much easier (and less painful) to fix. Early assessment is also vital in identifying the need for a retainer or braces.

Preventing the Potential for Disease

Preventive dentistry is also about detecting areas of disease that may be developing – and early detection will ensure early treatment. Here again, young children can focus on day-to-day oral health with a focus on prevention. Ideally, visits to the dentist should be planned bi-annually.

If you’re ready to visit a dentist for kids in Woodbridge, the Mackenzie Dental Centre is a great place to start. Dr. Pedvis offers a comforting clinic environment, even for kids who are uneasy.

Things to Expect When Visiting a Dentist for Kids in Woodbridge

Dentist for kids Woodbridge | Mackenzie Dental CentreAt the Mackenzie Dental Centre, we think that “toddlerhood” is a great time to get acquainted with the dentist. We also encourage parents to start early, mainly because a child’s baby teeth are the “holding space” for permanent teeth. It’s also good to know what to expect from the dentist.

Getting Familiarized with the Dentist

It’s very important to make your child feel comfortable at the dentist. In this regard, Dr. Pedvis does a great job – explaining every step of the check-up; showing off the tools and equipment in the clinic; and assuring the child Mommy (or Daddy) are right there if there’s any nervousness.

Learning about Good Oral Health Care

Using a variety of visual aids, Dr. Pedvis teaches your child why oral care is so important and how cavities may develop when oral care is neglected. This is also a good time for your child to learn about brushing, flossing, and dietary habits - what to eat and what to drink (and what to avoid).

Understanding All of the “Machines”

Because the dentist’s office is full of scary sounds, it’s important for your child to get familiar with the different “machines” in the dentist’s office. Dr. Pedvis explains how everything works and makes sure that none of the tools or equipment poses any additional fear for the young patient.

Feeling Comfortable with Procedures

From the basic oral assessment, to prodding around with different tools, to applying fluoride, Dr. Pedvis takes great care with every procedure. While research shows that fluoride treatments do prevent decay, the final decision about the application is left up to each parent’s discretion.

Getting “Prizes” Right from the Dentist

Getting a “prize” from the dentist after an appointment is a delightful way to teach children that the dentist's office is fun. All things considered, there may still be some nervousness about going to the dentist – and this is when parents might decide not to push the issue and simply rebook.

Establishing Good Oral Habits at Home

Every child is different and every child manages oral care at home in a different way. Dr. Pedvis may encourage a parent to curtail thumb sucking – he may suggest a specific toothbrush to use – and he may even show your child how to apply paste to the brush. Good habits are life-long.

Parents Setting Up Guidelines at Home

Based on the dentist’s suggestions, parents can make a difference by setting up routine guidelines morning and night. That could mean helping your child with brushing. It could be setting rules for avoiding starchy or sugary snacks. It would also be wise to set guidelines when out of the home.

For parents who are first encountering a dentist for kids in Woodbridge, it’s a great opportunity to ask questions; to understand their child’s oral health status; and to plot out future visits.

What are the Benefits of Early Dentist Visits?

Once you’ve decided on a dentist for kids in Woodbridge, you’re on your way to optimal oral care. Today, many dental issues can be avoided with a preventive approach that includes good habits and routine check-ups. More importantly, bi-annual clinic visits provide an opportunity for early detection, which in itself provides an opportunity for early treatment. The fact is, children with healthy primary teeth have an easier time maintaining good oral care with their adult teeth. At the Mackenzie Dental Centre, you can feel confident with our preventive approach to dentistry.

The Mackenzie Dental Centre - Your Local Dentist for Kids in Woodbridge

As a family dentist in Woodbridge, Dr. Pedvis offers a range of professional dental services for the entire family, including general dental care for young children. Because every patient is different, we treat everyone with a personal touch that addresses personal needs. For patients with anxiety about going to the dentist, we have a proven methodology. Find out more about our services or take the opportunity to book your appointment at 905-417-8700. You can also learn much more about our treatments and procedures at our clinic website.




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