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What Is The Best Age To Get Dental Veneers

Posted on August 02, 2021

veneers dentist in woodbridgeVeneers are a popular and effective way to enhance the appearance of one's smile. They are dental restorations made of porcelain or plastic that are custom-made to fit over the front portion of teeth to change their colour, shape or size. Although they've been around for decades, the demand for veneers dentists has become increasingly sought after in recent years.

A common question dentists in Woodbridge receive a lot of inquiries about is what age should you be to get dental veneers. It's important to understand that there is no "right age" to get dental veneers because it's a purely cosmetic option and is not related to your overall health or appearance. Contact the veneers dentist at Mackenzie Dental Centre to book a consultation to see if dental veneers are the right solution for you.

How Old Do Veneers Dentists Recommend You Be? 

Most dentists in Woodbridge will suggest waiting until you have reached 16 for women and suggest men wait till they are 18 years of age. While many are now seeking out veneers as a permanent but straightforward solution to a cosmetic teeth issue, there are still standard processes that most dentists in Woodbridge will follow when deciding who can get veneers and when they are able to. 

Dental Veneer Requirements:  

Oral Health Check 

Before any professional veneers dentist in Woodbridge will approve you are suited for dental veneers, you will need to undergo an oral health examination from a dentist in Woodbridge. The primary focus will be to ensure your veneer implantation will be successful. The secondary focus will be checking for gum issues, cavities and other oral health issues. If any of these issues are found, they can compromise the effectiveness of your veneers and potentially lead to a severe infection.

Teeth Have Stopped Growing

A critical condition will be that your teeth have reached full maturity and have effectively stopped growing. If your teeth have not stopped growing when veneers are placed on, once the underneath tooth begins to move, it can cause extreme pain. Putting veneers on teeth that have not reached full maturity can result in costly replacements and damage to the development of your teeth.

Dental Trauma History

Another important factor for your veneer’s dentist to review will be if you have a history of dental trauma. Dental veneers are great for covering checks and cracks, but ng to get a veneer on top of a tooth with a root compromised could lead to serious infection and potential tooth loss. 

When Should You Get Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are an effective way of giving oneself a beautiful smile and improving the appearance of the teeth. It can be difficult to find out when it is time to get them, as there isn't a "right age.” Unlike getting a filling for one's teeth, dental veneers serve more aesthetic purposes than anything else. There are many different circumstances that could prompt people into getting their first set of porcelain or composite veneers: 

  1. Child needs braces but have small teeth with little space between them 
  2. One or two broken teeth in need of repair 
  3. Experiencing gaps between front teeth

Dental veneers serve a variety of purposes, but most people who get them want to improve the appearance of their smile and are not interested in adding functionality to their smile by getting dental implants. Contact your favourite dentists in Woodbridge, Mackenzie Dental Centre, to learn more about how we can help you love your smile. 

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