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What You Need to Know Before Choosing Porcelain Veneers

Posted on December 11, 2023

Porcelain veneers are a transformative solution for a radiant, flawless smile. They allow you to craft the smile you crave by covering up dental imperfections. If you’re considering this remarkable dental enhancement, you’re on the brink of a significant decision. Choosing the ideal porcelain veneers requires thoughtful consideration and planning. So, what should you know before choosing porcelain veneers? Our skilled veneers dentists at Mackenzie Dental Centre, your trusted dental office in Vaughan, delve into the essential factors for that picture-perfect smile!

The Right Cosmetic Dentist Matters

What you need to know before choosing porcelain veneersThe expertise and experience of your veneer dentist are paramount when opting for porcelain veneers. Qualified and experienced professionals like those at Mackenzie Dental Centre understand the delicate skill and expertise involved in crafting veneers that seamlessly blend with your natural teeth. So research and choose a veneer dentist from a trusted dental office in Vaughan with a proven track record in cosmetic dentistry for a successful smile makeover.

The Veneer Placement Process

Understanding the porcelain veneer placement procedure is crucial for informed decision-making. 

  • Initial Consultation: Your veneer dentist will begin with a comprehensive consultation to assess your oral health and discuss your smile goals. Though popular, porcelain veneers are not suitable for everyone. Tooth decay and oral infections may prevent your veneer journey. 
  • Smile Design: The next step is crafting a personalized smile blueprint, considering facial features and desired aesthetics. 
  • Tooth Preparation: Your dentist will prepare your tooth by skillfully removing a thin layer of enamel to create a suitable surface for the veneers.
  • Impression Taking: An accurate mould impression of your mouth will be taken to capture the tooth structure for custom veneers. 
  • Temporary Veneers: The dentist will provide temporary provisional veneers till the custom veneers are ready. 
  • Final Placement: Your smile makeover is complete with the expert bonding of your custom veneers, ensuring an optimal fit and natural appearance.

Choosing the Correct Colour & Shape

The beauty of porcelain veneers lies in their ability to be customized to suit your aesthetic preferences. During the consultation, your dentist will guide you in selecting the right colour and shape that complements your facial features and personality. 

While the allure of a dazzling white smile is tempting, you should choose a naturally radiant shade. In porcelain veneers, brighter is not better! Don’t opt for an opaque white–carefully select a soft, natural white tone that seamlessly blends with your features.

Whether you aim for a natural look or a Hollywood-worthy dazzle, the ultimate choice is yours. Mackenzie Dental Centre’s experienced team ensures that your veneers seamlessly blend with your natural teeth for an authentic, stunning smile.


Regular Dental Check-ups

Though your porcelain veneers are pretty durable, they require a little TLC and regular maintenance. Routine check-ups at a trusted dental office in Vaughan are essential to ensure veneer longevity and your oral health.

Mindful Living

Maintaining your porcelain veneers involves avoiding certain habits and dietary choices. Steer clear of excessive consumption of staining agents like tea, coffee, red wine, dark berries and juices. Refrain from using your teeth as tools, and steer clear of nail-biting and smoking to ensure the long-lasting brilliance of your veneers.

Radiant Smiles with Mackenzie Dental Centre

Choosing porcelain veneers warrants careful consideration. As you navigate your veneer journey, select a qualified cosmetic veneer dentist, understand the placement process, and ensure proper maintenance. The magic of porcelain veneers is within reach–Schedule a smile consultation with Mackenzie Dental Centre today! The experienced team at our dental office in Vaughan will guide you towards the radiant, confident smile you deserve!

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