How Do I Know My Wisdom Teeth Are Coming In?

Have you wondered if your wisdom teeth are coming in? Wisdom teeth refer to the third and last set of molars, which you typically get in your late teens years or early twenties, so if your age falls within that range, odds are your wisdom teeth are coming in! These teeth are one of your mouth’s biggest mysteries because we don’t know exactly when they will come in, as every person is different. Knowing what to look for can help you avoid pain and unwanted procedures. Signs of wisdom teeth coming in vary but can include intense and radiating pain, jaw pain or pain at the back of your mouth, as well as swollen or cut gums. These are signs its time to schedule your wisdom teeth removal in Vaughan.

Symptoms of Wisdom Teeth Coming in

  • Pain in the area where your wisdom teeth are coming in is common, however, extremely intense pain that radiates toward your eyes, ears or head might mean you have an abscessed tooth. Wisdom teeth can get infected. However, an abscess could be caused by tooth decay.
  • Jaw pain or pain localized at the back of your mouth can be a sign of your wisdom teeth coming in, but this type of pain could also be a symptom of TMJ (issues with your jaw, jaw joint or surrounding facial muscles).
  • Throbbing or pressure in your gums at the very back of your mouth.
  • Swollen or cut gums.
  • Earaches or headaches might develop when your wisdom teeth are trying to come through, and there isn’t enough room for them due to how your teeth are positioned. Pressure can build up around your other teeth, which can lead to pain in your mouth, as well as referred pain in other areas.

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Is it Something Other Than Wisdom Teeth?

Pain is how your body informs you that something is wrong. Sometimes pain can radiate from the source of the problem, making it tricky to figure out what’s really going on. This is true in the case of wisdom teeth coming in. Each individual’s experience with wisdom teeth is unique, and you may or may not experience referred pain; some people do not feel pain at all. In fact, not everyone gets wisdom teeth! And keep in mind not all wisdom teeth need to be extracted. If you do have pain in your mouth, don’t assume it’s related to wisdom teeth, though. If you have sensitivity to sweets, hot or cold drinks and foods, you might have an exposed root—the most common type of tooth pain. Mild to sharp pain when you bite down is more likely a cavity. If you experience a persistent toothache or sensitivity after consuming hot, cold, or sweet foods, this may indicate possible nerve damage.

What does it feel like to have your wisdom teeth come in?

When your wisdom teeth come in, it is common to experience some jaw or gum pain. Don’t worry too much, as it’s less common to experience severe pain, and some individuals do not feel any pain at all. Even if your wisdom teeth emerge through your gums normally, they can cause you to feel various mild symptoms. You might experience some mild pain, the feeling of pressure in your mouth or jaw, or a dull throbbing sensation in your gums, close to the opening of your throat or in your jaw bone which is nearby.

Do wisdom teeth hurt when they are coming in?

Wisdom Teeth removal vaughan

Your wisdom teeth are commonly referred to as your "third set of molars." These four teeth, located at the very back of your mouth, will start to push through your tissues like any other tooth would, and this is what can cause you to experience pain. Wisdom teeth are far more likely to grow in at an incorrect angle (even sideways) which can cause pain that radiates to other teeth that are located in front of your wisdom teeth.

What age do your wisdom teeth come in?

The third set of molars in the back of your mouth, wisdom teeth usually come in sometime between the ages of 17 and 25 (between late teens and early twenties). Your wisdom teeth can be visibly seen on X-rays. People have them removed if they are impacted, cause crowding, are incorrectly positioned in your mouth or cause pain or other dental problems.

How painful is a wisdom tooth?

However, when the wisdom tooth that has been impacted tries to come in, the flap of gum covering it often becomes swollen and infected. This can be painful. You might experience painful feelings in nearby teeth or even in the ear on the same side of your face. ... An impacted tooth can push on the neighbouring molar.

Do you think your wisdom teeth are coming in?

Now you can better understand that having wisdom teeth come in isn’t completely straightforward. The aches and pains we get in our mouth can be the result of a variety of conditions. The health of your wisdom teeth should be taken care of by the best dentist in Woodbridge. Dr. Pedvis at Mackenzie Dental Centre can help put the puzzle pieces together for you with respect to the status of your wisdom teeth and any pain you may be experiencing.





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