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A Guide to Summertime Dental Emergencies

Posted on Jul 14, 2023

Summer is a time to enjoy yourself with minimal restrictions. From having fun around the pool to all the sugary goodness you consume, dental emergencies can be more common during the summer. Whether it occurs on vacation or in your backyard, knowing the steps to help alleviate pain and discomfort is essential. If you are ever seeking an emergency...

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Effective Alternatives for Braces

Posted on Jul 05, 2023

Many of us had to wear braces for about two years to achieve the perfect smile. With monthly appointments to constantly get them tightened was a pain that no one wanted to experience. What if there were alternatives for braces that were less noticeable and less hassle? Dr. Lloyd Pedvis is a dentist in Woodbridge at Mackenzie Dental Centre, where...

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How to Prepare for Dental Veneers

Posted on Jun 28, 2023

Are you looking at dental veneers to enhance your smile? Veneers are a versatile option that can improve the appearance of uneven, stained, or crooked teeth. This minimally invasive procedure can give you the radiant, confident smile you’ve always desired. Though getting dental veneers does not require detailed groundwork, it’s always...

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Decrease Discomfort With Laser Dentistry

Posted on Jun 22, 2023

Nobody really looks forward to a visit to the dentist. The whirring of the dental drill, the prick of a needle, and the unease that often accompanies dental procedures make most of us apprehensive. Thankfully, groundbreaking innovations like laser dentistry have transformed the dental experience. This progressive dental approach utilizes focused...

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What to Do After You have Broken a Tooth?

Posted on Jun 06, 2023

Regardless of how well you take excellent care of your dental hygiene, accidents happen, and you might find yourself needing an emergency dentist in Vaughan. A broken tooth is often a cause for panic and can occur suddenly, especially amongst busy youngsters or children and adults playing sports without mouth protection. When you need a trusted...

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How Laser Dentistry Combats Fear of Dentists in Vaughan

Posted on May 29, 2023

Are you among the many individuals who experience fear and unease at the mere thought of a dental visit? Dental anxiety is real, and the crippling fear can prevent people from seeking critical dental care. Laser dentistry has brought a paradigm shift in dental technology and provided a viable solution to combat dental anxiety. The Mackenzie Dental...

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How to Fight Tooth Discolouration

Posted on May 16, 2023

A bright, healthy smile can make a world of difference in our self-confidence and overall appearance. However, tooth discolouration is a reality for many people, causing them to feel self-conscious and under-confident. Fortunately, a competent dentist in Vaughan can suggest effective ways like dental veneers and teeth whitening to combat tooth...

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Dental Tips for Expecting Mothers

Posted on May 07, 2023

Pregnancy brings a lot of changes to the body, some can be anticipated while others are more difficult to prefect. It’s important for expectant mothers to stay on top of their health, their dental health included. As hormone levels change and your body changes, it helps to keep up with regular visits to a trusted dentist in Woodbridge...

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The Relationship Between Dental Health & Overall Well-Being

Posted on Apr 28, 2023

Maintaining good oral hygiene is not just about having a bright and beautiful smile. Research indicates a significant connection between dental and overall health. Poor oral hygiene has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, certain cancer types, and other diseases. Thankfully, The experts at Mackenzie Dental Centre understand the impact of oral...

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Create a Beautiful Smile with Dental Veneers

Posted on Apr 18, 2023

A healthy, beautiful smile adds charm and charisma to your persona. Unfortunately, many of us are self-conscious about our smiles due to crooked, discoloured, or damaged teeth. Fortunately, here at Mackenzie Dental Centre, we offer modern cosmetic dentistry solutions to help you attain that perfect smile. The ever-versatile dental veneers are...

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