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When is Wisdom Teeth Removal a Dental Emergency

Posted on Oct 10, 2023

Wisdom teeth emerge around 17 to 24 years old for most people. These final sets of molars are known for being troublesome for virtually everyone with wisdom teeth, and while many dentists in Vaughan will recommend extraction at some point, this removal is not always considered a dental emergency in Vaughan. If your wisdom teeth are causing you pain...

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Signs You Need Emergency Dental Services

Posted on Sep 21, 2023

Dental emergencies can strike at any moment, often extending beyond cosmetic concerns. They often pose significant health risks, requiring immediate attention from a trusted dentist in Vaughan. Identifying critical signs that indicate a dental emergency in Vaughan can make all the difference in preserving your oral health and preventing further...

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Dental Concerns to Address With a Baby on the Way

Posted on Sep 15, 2023

Pregnancy is a miraculous journey filled with anticipation, joy, and an array of physical changes. From the thrill of feeling those first tiny kicks to the adorable baby bump photoshoots, every moment is a treasure. However, don’t neglect your dental concerns amidst the whirlwind of hormonal changes and preparations for the tiny one. Whether...

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How Veneers Can Enhance Your Quality of Life

Posted on Sep 08, 2023

When it comes to enhancing your quality of life, a confident smile with a trusted dentist in Woodbridge can work wonders. Your smile is a reflection of your personality and it is a key element of your overall self-esteem, as well as how you’re perceived. However, many people don’t absolutely love their smile. If you're one of those...

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How Does Your Dental Health Change as You Age

Posted on Aug 25, 2023

Our bodies undergo various transformations as we navigate through the different stages of life, and dental health is no exception. From carefree childhood to the golden older years, our oral well-being evolves alongside us. Dental health reflects overall wellness, and Vaughan dentists should be a staple from early to senior years. Join us as we...

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The Different Ways of Replacing Teeth

Posted on Aug 15, 2023

A friendly and full smile is a significant factor that goes into high self-esteem, as it is often the first thing someone notices when interacting with you. We often find ourselves in situations that may lead to tooth loss. A dentist in Woodbridge can perform many methods of rejuvenating your smile to help. Dr. Lloyd Pedvis and his team at...

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Steps to Follow When Experiencing Knocked out Teeth

Posted on Aug 04, 2023

In many cases, it can be difficult to avoid accidents. These unintentional mishaps can cause severe pain and discomfort from injuries like knocked-out teeth. It's normal to panic in situations like these, but there is no need to worry. Call Mackenzie Dental, a dentist in Vaughan available for 24/7 help. Always have a contact for emergency...

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How Do Dentists in Vaughan Use Laser Dentistry

Posted on Jul 25, 2023

Advancements in laser dentistry techniques have brought a paradigm shift in the dental world. Modern laser dentistry utilizes focused light beams to treat various dental conditions with numerous benefits–minimal pain, reduced bleeding, and faster healing. Its precise and minimally invasive nature makes it a game-changer by improving patient...

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A Guide to Summertime Dental Emergencies

Posted on Jul 14, 2023

Summer is a time to enjoy yourself with minimal restrictions. From having fun around the pool to all the sugary goodness you consume, dental emergencies can be more common during the summer. Whether it occurs on vacation or in your backyard, knowing the steps to help alleviate pain and discomfort is essential. If you are ever seeking an emergency...

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Effective Alternatives for Braces

Posted on Jul 05, 2023

Many of us had to wear braces for about two years to achieve the perfect smile. With monthly appointments to constantly get them tightened was a pain that no one wanted to experience. What if there were alternatives for braces that were less noticeable and less hassle? Dr. Lloyd Pedvis is a dentist in Woodbridge at Mackenzie Dental Centre, where...

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