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How Should Kids Brush Their Teeth?

How Should Kids Brush Their Teeth?

When it comes to brushing teeth, new parents often discover that their old habits are actually the wrong habits. The good news is that bad habits can be corrected, especially when new parents are teaching their young kids about oral hygiene with the guidance of kids dentist in Vaughan. Some tooth brushing rules are obvious, but others need reinforcement - and getting young kids on the right track is simply good parenting.

  • proper tooth brushing should last at least two minutes
  • brushing should be twice a day (morning and bedtime)
  • it’s most preferable to use a fluoride-based toothpaste
  • flossing should be at least once a day (usually bedtime)
  • sugary snacks should be restricted in number each day
  • oral examinations should be scheduled every 6 months
Dr. Lloyd Pedvis BSC, MSC, DDS

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