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Is There Any Reason to Remove Amalgam Fillings?

For the record, Health Canada does not currently restrict dental amalgams. As well, scientific studies have not completely verified ill effects in the general population. However, it has been widely acknowledged that amalgam fillings release small amounts of mercury, which can be absorbed by the body. For some patients, this is of concern, and should be recognized.

Also for the record, there are patients who are sensitive to amalgam. This is no different than people who are sensitive or allergic to various other chemical substances or foods or aerosols. 

As such, an experienced dentist in Woodbridge will consider alternatives to amalgams, for patients who are sensitive, or whose immune system is compromised, or who suffer certain conditions.

Why Remove Amalgam Fillings? 

The issue of removing amalgam fillings can be confusing. For some, it makes no sense from a health perspective. For others, it makes no sense from a cost perspective. But for those concerned about toxicity, replacing amalgam fillings might be a priority without debate. A good dentist will recognize a patient’s concerns and respect the choice to use alternative restorative materials.

Amalgam fillings are replaced with fillings that are 100% mercury free. They do not expand or contract with various temperature changes in the mouth, and results are impressive. Mercury free fillings are safe, effective, and aesthetically appealing.

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At the Mackenzie Dental Centre, composite materials are used as an alternative to mercury. The materials are actually restorative - very natural in overall appearance and feeling just like natural teeth. And while no material is exactly like a natural tooth, these fillings come as close as possible to the original. As for bonding, composite materials also provide added strength to a tooth.

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