What Will Happen If I Don't Remove My Wisdom Teeth?

wisdom teeth removalFor most people, wisdom teeth develop during the late teenage years or the early twenties. In many cases, the teeth grow in naturally, and without any real problem. There are times, however, when wisdom teeth present complications while growing in. This may indicate that wisdom teeth removal may be necessary in the future.

When wisdom teeth don’t grow into place properly, gum tissue could be disrupted. There could also be a misalignment of the adjacent teeth. And sometimes, there could be over-crowding of the teeth. Whatever the case, early diagnosis is the best way to monitor wisdom teeth as they grow in, and to anticipate any potential issues.

The Need For Wisdom Teeth Removal

Like other health-related issues, it's important for dental patients to understand the nature of their wisdom teeth and the consequences of removal. With the proper diagnosis, your dentist may well recommend the removal of your wisdom teeth, although patient choice is always the final decision. Here’s what might happen if you don’t remove your wisdom teeth. 

Experiencing Pain

When wisdom teeth grow in, it’s not uncommon to experience pain around the mouth, teeth, and jaw. The pain can be mild and bothersome, or it can get unbearable. Wisdom teeth can grow in lopsided – they can crowd the other teeth – and they can damage nearby teeth (all of it painful).

Cavities and Decay

When there isn’t enough room for wisdom teeth to grow in properly, the tight space between the teeth makes it much harder to clean the hard-to-reach areas. This presents a greater potential for cavities and decay. Even with good oral care management, crowded teeth can cause problems.

Potential Infection

There are some unique instances when wisdom teeth don’t emerge through the gums. They can actually become “trapped” and can present health issues accompanied by infection. In fact, these “impacted” teeth can also damage other teeth roots and can even compromise bone support.

Gum Inflammation

Wisdom teeth sometimes emerge only partially, creating areas in the gum tissue that are difficult to clean. These areas are ideal for bacteria to collect and to further develop into an oral infection with gum inflammation. Inflamed gums can be painful and could require an antibiotic remedy.

General Problems

For many patients, emerging wisdom teeth can present symptoms that get progressively worse. It may be painful discomfort in the mouth; irritation against the cheeks; or painful swelling of gums. All of these symptoms demand careful diagnosis and professional dental wisdom teeth removal.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Woodbridge, Vaughan and Other Local Communities

Patients who require wisdom teeth removal in Woodbridge and Vaughan can expect a full range of professional services at the Mackenzie Dental Centre. We begin with comprehensive x-rays, fully assess the condition of your wisdom teeth, and then make recommendations accordingly.

When it’s required, Dr. Pedvis will recommend corrective measures that may include the removal of wisdom teeth. Find out more about our clinic services by calling 905-417-8700 or visit our clinic website at . We are open for your post-COVID appointment.




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