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Why Does My Morning Breath Stink?

Posted on September 13, 2019

Common causes of morning breath

First, let’s address the causes of morning breath. The two most common causes of bad breath in the morning include dry mouth and poor oral hygiene. If your oral hygiene is in good shape, and your morning breath stinks, it is likely caused by dry mouth. While we sleep, saliva production significantly decreases, resulting in saliva no longer being able to remove the bacteria that causes bad breath. Morning breath stinks due to dry mouth, but many people don’t realize that certain medications can actually worsen the symptoms of dry mouth. Consider discussing your medications with your pharmacist and healthcare provider if you are concerned about your dry mouth worsening morning breath. As well, sleeping with your mouth open or snoring can worsen the symptoms of dry mouth and morning breath.

However, the most common cause of morning breath is poor oral hygiene. If you aren’t brushing and flossing effectively, food particles can get stuck in your teeth and gums and facilitate the growth of bacteria that cause bad breath. If your morning breath stinks, it may also be a sign of periodontal disease due to improper oral health care over time. The best way to avoid disease and tooth decay, and to improve your morning breath, is to follow a thorough oral healthcare routine that includes brushing for at least two minutes, flossing and using mouthwash every day. 

Less common, but alternative causes of morning breath, include eating certain foods, such as raw garlic or onions, whose scent can persist the next day even following thorough brushing and flossing. Tobacco use can also worsen morning breath due to the increased mouth dryness experienced by regular smokers. Finally, if you suffer from acid reflux you may experience morning breath due to acid washing up into the esophagus while you are asleep.

What can you do to prevent morning breath?

If your morning breath stinks, there are several steps you can take to prevent and improve bad breath. First, start by drinking lots of water to stay hydrated and prevent dry mouth that can worsen breath. Second, avoid strong-smelling foods at night before going to bed, such as raw garlic and onion, that may persist even after thoroughly brushing your teeth. Many people also don’t realize that quitting smoking can help immediately improve your breath, both during the day and in the morning.

How to treat bad morning breath?

Morning breath can be treated through a combination of impeccable oral health care and lifestyle changes. The most important change you can make is to stick to a thorough oral health care plan. This includes brushing your teeth, flossing and using mouthwash before going to sleep every night. Importantly, if you wear a retainer, mouthguard or other device at night, you should clean it every day as per your dentist’s instructions. We also recommend quitting smoking or chewing tobacco in order to prevent long term health complications as well as bad morning breath. 

Hopefully, these tips and tricks for preventing and treating morning breath can help improve your oral health care routine. However, if your morning breath stinks even after trying all the above options, it is important to book an important with your dentist. They can help determine what is causing your bad breath, including if you are suffering from periodontal disease. They will be able to help you both get rid of your morning breath and maximize your overall oral health. If you are looking for an expert dentist in the Greater Toronto Area, Dr. Lloyd Pedvis and his team at Mackenzie Dental Centre are experienced and friendly dental care providers. They can help provide you with regular check ups, ensure that you are following an appropriate oral health care routine, and help identify what is causing your bad breath. Call his experienced team at 905-417-8700 to book an appointment today and get ready to say goodbye to morning breath.

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